Letters to the editor for March 29, 2012

By Union Democrat staff March 29, 2012 07:34 am
Ag program

    When I read the March 9th article, “Summerville ag program expands”, I couldn’t help thinking that the comments made by Principal Dave Urquhart were a personal and unprofessional slam against former ag
teacher Lynn Culver.
    When I posted the link to the article on my Facebook, there was a large response from Mr. Culver’s former students who shared my thoughts.
    Urquhart’s claim that the program “needed revitalizing” and had to be “rebuilt” in the year after Mr. Culver was moved to a different job are not accurate and clearly reveal the axe Mr. Urquhart has to grind against the man who spent over 20 years changing lives, going above and beyond his job description, often times unpaid. 
    The stories of praise his former students wrote on Facebook in response to this article are a hint of Mr. Culver’s legacy.
     That he was not appreciated by Mr. Urquhart is of no consequence. His comments say more about the kind of man who would say such things about a program and a man whose influence will outlive us all. 
    Recently my family was helped by a former student who learned his trade from Mr. Culver.  His welding skills were impressive,
and he said he owed his success to what he learned in Mr. Culver’s class. Mr. Urquhart said he brought in a new teacher to “revitalize” the agriculture program. 
    With all due respect, she has some big shoes to fill.
        Toni Horn

    Toni Horn is a Summerville High School graduate and a former resident of Tuolumne.