Letters to the Editor for March 28, 2012

By Union Democrat staff March 28, 2012 12:52 pm
D.A.’s office, the goose

To the Editor: 
All jokes aside regarding that poor goose whose freedom was taken away, it appears Deputy D.A. Hansen needs his head examined! The goose had apparently adopted the Plummer family, not the other way around, but the whole gang was punished for something that common sense should have suggested was a humane solution to a difficult and dangerous problem. 
If not for the Plummer family, the goose would probably be dead by now! But Deputy D.A. Hansen’s persistence in prosecuting the case has resulted in a sentence of imprisonment for the goose. And, the Plummers probably endured months of anxiety over the impending legal proceedings, for what? The case made Mr. Hansen a laughingstock and expended precious county money and time. 
Fran Bryant
Bryant is a Tuolumne County native.

U.S. Senate fails again 

To the Editor: 
The Senate had a rare opportunity to back up their rhetoric concerning gas prices and dependence on foreign oil with the amendment introduced by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. It would have required any oil that is transported thru the Keystone XL Pipeline be sold in the United States instead of being exported. They rejected it, with 33 for ( Boxer and Feinstein in this group) and 65 against, showing their true colors. While mouthing patriotism and service to the American people, their actions belie their true loyalty to the corporate interests that fund them. A sad but telling moment.
Stefani Reichle

Veterans care, benefits

To the Editor: 
Rosemary Sweatt’s letter published March 19 “Concern, caring for our Veterans,” says it all. 
Now with an all volunteer military, I find it hypocritical to hear any politician suggest the public “support our troops” as George W. liked to spout, while cutting the Veteran Administration budget every year. If Obama did in fact suggest that our troops self-insure then he is almost as bad, although I don’t recall any V.A. budget cuts during his term. Our present returning veterans have earned and deserve any and all benefits they can receive from us. While some may learn to cope with what their job was during deployment others will be haunted for the rest of their lives by what they did or saw. If cuts need to be made, my suggestion would be cut politicians’ pay. Support should not just be “Welcome Home” see ya.
Just my opinion.
Dave Lander
Vietnam Veteran