Letters to the editor for March 27, 2012

By Union Democrat staff March 27, 2012 04:33 am
Veterans’ guardian angel

To the Editor:
    What a great article about Beth Barnes (The Union Democrat, Sierra View, March 22). She has helped so many people over the years and with the dignity that our veterans and their families deserve. She is the true definition of a public servant who is proud to help and go the extra mile for anyone. All of us who know her, wish her the best in her retirement. Beth will be missed by everyone whose heart she has touched and remembered with a big smile.
        Kay Crow

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

To the Editor:    
    Bob Hargrove misses the reason why there is growing momentum to reconfigure San Francisco’s water system, drain the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and restore Hetch Hetchy Valley.
    Environmental restoration is not about recovering the past; it’s about creating a sustainable future. The benefits of restoration will be visible quickly; according to reports published by the University of Wisconsin, UC Davis, the State of California and the National Park Service, within two years wetlands and grassland will establish, within five to 15 years willows and alders will reach 10-30 feet tall, providing vital shade to aquatic habitat, and in 50 years (the age of maturity for managed forest in the Sierra) trees will reach 40-60 feet. Though restoration will benefit many generations to come, we will get to witness this process ourselves, and see the return of waterfowl, fish and terrestrial wildlife.
    Regarding the “bathtub ring” next time you’re at the dam, look at the rocks fractured during its construction: after 80 years, they’re weathered, stained and covered with moss and lichen.         My point is that we can create a functional water supply system and a place to explore and learn about critical wildlife habitat, and experience cliffs and waterfalls rivaling those of Yosemite Valley. As opposed to all of the things we create that depreciate over time, this is a project whose value will only appreciate as the years pass.        
        Mark Cederborg
    Cederborg is  a restoration scientist and former Yosemite resident.