Letters to the editor for March 26, 2012

By Union Democrat staff March 26, 2012 04:58 am
Dog owners: Be responsible

To the Editor: 
    I am sick of dog owners who take no responsibility for anything. You don’t stop your dogs from barking, and you seem to have no idea that this could possibly bother any of your neighbors.
    You let them relieve themselves anywhere without the courtesy to clean it up. You bring them into stores with you. Seriously!? Into stores! You let them roam the neighborhood. When they disobey, you try and reason with them rather than properly disciplining them.
    I would be embarrassed if my dog so much as barked without my permission let alone left my property. It always boils down to the same thing as every other problem: laziness and lack of personal responsibility. People, don’t just go buy a dog to gratify the genetic disposition that mandates you getting a dog now that you have kids and a family.
    You do a disservice to the dog and everyone within ear shot of your animal. Stop being so selfish.
        Robert Prichards
        La Grange


To the Editor: 
    “One in eight people earning $1 million+ annually was audited by the Internal Revenue Service last year, making them far likelier to be examined than those making below $200,000, according to IRS data,” the Associated Press reports: Just one in 100 individuals earning less than $200,000 were audited.
    It makes sense for the IRS to audit higher-income taxpayers at a rate 12 times that of the rest of the public. To paraphrase Willie Sutton, that’s where the money is.
    It would make just as much sense, however, to screen young male Muslim air travelers at 12 times the rate that we screen other fliers, but of course that would be “profiling” (although it’s simply pattern recognition).
    This is classic liberal boomerang illogic at work: it makes sense to profile tax returns, but not travelers. You tax “sins” like alcohol and tobacco (allegedly) to discourage consumption, but if you tax work or profit, supply and demand will be unaffected. Bush’s tax cuts ruined the U.S. economy (ballooning the deficit), but European nations that raised taxes are bankrupt with Canada, which cut taxes, prospering.
    Frankly, there’s no reasoning with liberals. They’re either too stupid or willfully ignorant with future successes depending on the willful gullibility of the educated and the stupidity and naiveté of the rest.
    There are only two reasons to be liberal. You think you’re smarter and more noble than everyone else and, thus, should make the benevolent rules for the masses to follow; or you think you’re a powerless victim in need of a munificent all powerful champion to save you from the excesses of capitalism.
    These are dangerous times for what is left of the republic.
        Ray Anderson