Gas station open, restaurant on the way

January 12, 2012 12:42 pm

Standard-area drivers and snackers have a new spot to fill their tanks.

An AM-PM and Arco gas station at the corner of Mono Way and Standard Road opened Dec. 19 after two years of planning by local land-development firm California Gold Development Corp., according to company president Scott Patterson.

Construction on the 1.2-acre site took only four-and-a-half months from start to finish, he said. A restaurant building attached to the service station is nearly complete as well.

Patterson said a fast food chain has signed on to fill the vacant quick-service restaurant attached to the AM-PM store. He said the businesses will share bathrooms and a central walkway to make it easier for customers to pass back and forth.

“We tried to design the site to be wide open to make it easy getting in and out,” Patterson said.

He said the company won’t announce what restaurant franchise will fill the spot for about three weeks, but said it will serve hamburgers. He also said rumors that the new restaurant will be an In-N-Out Burger aren’t true.

“It’s definitely not In-N-Out Burger,” he said.

The gas station has 16 full- and part-time employees and 12 filling stations. The restaurant will employ 25 to 30 people, Patterson said.

He said the development company chose the site because it is at the center of population demographics in Tuolumne County.

California Gold, which has been building projects in the county for the past 35 years, still has an acre-and-a-half of land at the site that it is actively looking to develop, he said.