The Union Democrat Sports Department

By Ruth Abreo

For The Union Democrat

This column covers June 17 through June 26.

Even though the temperatures had not yet risen to hot and hotter, Warren Walker of Jokers Wild was burning up the lanes at Black Oak.

Walker bowled a rare 800 series, an 801, his first ever. In his high series for this report, he also rolled the highest men's score, a 280.

Helakno Full House's Amanda Klaahsen was on her own hot streak recording both the high score and series for women with a 234/595.

Dan Isam of Jokers Wild rolled the lone 700 series, a 701, and was one pin shy of tying for high game with Walker. Isam bowled a 279, league mate Robert Porovich added a 256 and Ralph Caspary rolled a 671 series.

More notable scores include a 258/680 game and series bowled by Bob Gomes of Helakno Full House.

In the Uncertified leagues,the high rollers for this report include Black Oak 9-Pin No-Tap's Judy Steeley with a 256 and Jackie Allen with a 655 series for women. Steeley was a whopping 86 pins over her average.

For men, Gerry Davis scored a 277/720.

The Wild Nite Out league high rollers include women Josie Lee with a 288 game and Stephanie Staats with 473 series. For men Albert Ramirez bowled a 237 game and Steve Phan notched a 624 series.

While bowling this past weekend (June 28-29) in the Women's National Tournament in Reno, our group witnessed a near miss 300 by a bowler from Ohio, who also rolled a 759 series, and another by Tina Munson of Modesto. Both women have averages over 200.

On to how we did. Well, there were three teams and as teams, we did not bring our "A" game. But some of us did a lot better in doubles and were glad to at least make our average in at least one or two of the nine games.

The 2015 national men's and women's tournaments will be held in El Paso, Texas and Reno, respectively. Entries are being accepted for both.

USBC is startinga new tournament next year onJuly 7-9in Chicago and this new event is called the All American Family Tournament. It is intended for families with qualifying to be done at local participating bowling centers. More information will be released later.

Another new tournament in 2015 is USBC's National Mixed Team Tournament which is for teams of two men and two women. The format is similar to the Women's Open and the cost will be $44 per event with no All Events option. The tournament is scheduled to run from April 10 to June 30. This event should appeal to couples who travel to compete in tournaments.

I also learned this week the state dues portion of the USBC sanction card will remain at $1, at least another year. It is not known yet how much the national portion is but the local portion will remain at $9 for at least another 365 days.

Local league scores

At Black Oak Lanes, Tuolumne

All team scores are listed with handicap, if included

Certified Leagues

Diamond Duos (6-17)

Games-Women: Shirley Parades 195, Sandy Johnson 187, Vicky Fox158; Men: Ivan Johnson 188, Duke Alsup 182, Chuck Farris 173.

Series-Women: Parades 537, Johnson 467, Fox 391; Men: I Johnson 497, Farris 492, Alsup 481.

Team Game: TCC Strikers Too 367, The Grumps 355, TCC Strikers 343.

Team Series: TCC Strikes Too 1001, TCC Strikers 977, The Grumps 973.

Standings: Be Happy Don't Worry 17-11, TCC Strikers Too 16-12, TCC Strikers and The Odd Couple 15-13.

Summer High Rollers (6-17)

Games-Women: Sonja Newell 181, Eleanor Ellis 164, Nan Anderson 162; Men: Roger Peterson 232, Frank Gaspardi 225, Jonathan Sheffield 224.

Series-Women: Newell 460, Anderson 454, Sandy Taylor 414; Men: Sheffield 620, Gaspardi 597, Peterson 591.

Team Game: B.U.I. 782, Pocket Pounders 745.

Team Series: B.U.I. 2262, Pocket Pounders 2151.

Standings: Sierra Memorials and Pocket Pounders 16-12, B.U.I.14.5-13.5, Pocket Pounders 13-11.

Summer Morning Rollers (6-18)

Games-Women: JoAnn Autler 195, Shirley Parades 181, Sharon McThorn and Kathy Johnson 160; Men: Joe Rodriguez 213, Gary Starks 190, Ivan Johnson and Golden Terry 189.

Series-Women: Parades 532, Autler 491, McThorn 459; Men: Rodriguez 529, I Johnson 509, George Johnson 495.

Team Game: Team No. 5 543, We Three 531, The Vikings 498.

Team Series: Team No. 5 1552, We Three 1517, The Vikings 1451.

Standings: No Names 21.5-6.5, Verengo Solar 20-8, The Vikings 16.5-11.5.

Young at Heart (6-18)

Game-Women: Joan McGinnes 205, Sonja Newell 203, Ada Hill 191; Men: Scott Newman 232, Bill Bowcutt 231, John Crass 228.

Series-Women: Newell 532, Hill 509, Barbara Shimonek 496; Men: Jim Simmons 615, Newman 608, Bowcutt 604.

Team Game: The Farm 822, Motley Crew 787, Pin Busters 757.

Team Series: The Farm 2292, Motley Crew 2210, Pin Busters 2092.

Standings: The Yo-Yo's 22-6, We Don't Care 19-9, Motley Crew, Hot Summer and Spare Change and Pin Busters 16-12.

Jokers Wild (6-4)

Games-Women: Lisa Jones 160, Arissa Jones 136, Marlena Muffoletto 95; Men: Warren Walker 280, Dan Isam 279, Robert Porovich 256.

Series-Women: L. Jones 458, A. Jones 341, Muffoletto 275; Men: Walker 801, Isam 725, Ralph Caspary 671.

Team Game: Team No. 5 and Oscar Martinez Bail Bonds 836, Anderson Plumbing 826, Edsel Rollers 811.

Team Series: Team No. 5 2427, Oscar Martinez Bail Bonds 2342, Edsel Rollers 2389.

Standings: Havin' Fun 17-7, Team No. 5 16.5-11.5, Brooklyn Ballers 16-12.

Helakno Full House (6-26)

Game-Women: Amanda Klaahsen 234, Ada Hill 186, Sharon Gomes 195; Men: Bob Gomes 258, Tom Newell 247, Manny Brager 224.

Series-Women: Klaahsen 595, Gomes 511, Hill 501; Men: Gomes 680, Newell 648, Kevin Flanagan 625.

Team Game: Paige Tyson Training 820, Les' Entertainment 765, Head Hunters 759 .

Team Series: The Underdogs 2196, The Tire Shop 2172, Head Hunters 2168.

Standings: Les' Entertainment and Team No. 3 6-2, four teams at 5-3.

Uncertified Leagues

Black Oak 9-Pin No-Tap (6-23)

Games-Women: Judy Steeley 256, Janet Kirkland 236, Jackie Allen 228; Men: Gerry Davis 277, Bob Wright 248, Manny Brager 246.

Series-Women: Jackie Allen 655, Terry Hall 629, Kirkland 616; Men: Davis 720, Wright 671, Brager 641.

Team Game: Tappers 653, Naughty Nines 652, 2 Guys & a Gal 627.

Team Series: Tappers 1845, Alley Cats 1806, 2 Gus & A Gal 1802.

Standings: Thumbs Up 17-7, Naughty Nines 16-8, 2 Guys & A Gal and The 3 Deuces 14-8.

Wild Nite Out (6-23)

Games-Women: Josie Lee 188, Nancy Drews 178, Stephanie Staats 177; Men: Albert Ramirez 237, Steve Phan 231, Tim Hollenbeck 212.

Series-Women: Staats 473, Lacey Carpenter 448, Jackie Ferreira 443; Men: Phan 624, Ramirez 568, Hollenbeck 538 .

Team Game: 3 Girls & A Bald Fat Guy 613, The Battling Bowlers 593.

Team Series: The Battling Bowlers 1688, RX-RAY 1633.

Standings: The Battling Bowlers 17-7, RX-RAY 14-10.