The Union Democrat Sports Department

By Ruth Abreo

For The Union Democrat

Bobby Papapetrou made history on Feb. 26 at Black Oak Lanes, and the mark he set is going to be pretty tough to beat.

Papapetrou rolled the highest series ever locally with an 858, which included a perfect 300 game.

His "Clean Series" had games of 289 and 269, including an amazing 32 strikes.

He said when he rolled the second game, he was certain he would have an 800 series and could have bowled a 290 except for the seventh frame where he made a mistake, but converted the 5-pin for a spare.

The game and series are only 83/207 pins over his massive 217 average.

The annual Association Tournamentis over and Team Newell (Tom Newell, Billy Oliver, Jared Ford, Dave Rossi) are the unofficial winners.

The foursome bowled a team total of 2,804 pins, just 18 pins better than Tema Carpenter (Randy Speer, Matt Carpenter, Craig Erickson, Doug Munoz) who knocked down 2,786 pins.

All the winners listed are unofficial-Doubles Handicap: Randy Speer and Matt Carpenter with a score of 1,547, edging Alyssa Dedmon and Kyle Myers with 1,514; Handicap Singles – Dave Rossi with 882, David Muffoletto with 827; Handicap All Events: David Muffoletto 2,325, Matt Carpenter 2,273 and Kyle Myers 2229.

Note: there was no separation for women, however, the highest scoring woman in all events was Lisa Jones with 2,170 and the highest scoring woman in singles was Suzi Murphy with 797.

Back on top for the womenthis week is Amanda Klaahsen (Umchu Full House) with a 236/616.

There were five 700 series rolled – Billy Oliver in SIRS 700, his first since he left the Bay Area; Bob Thomas (MondayNevada) 725; Jokers Wild – Dan Isam 709; Umchu Full House – Bobby Papapetrou 718 and Gamblers Getaway – Trini Mercado, Jr. 753, his first in quite awhile.

In the SIRS league, Drex Oliver had an unfortunate meeting with the Sour Apple (he did pick off two of the three pins).

Other notable scores include:MondayNevada – Bob Thomas 258, Bobby Papapetrou 257/673, John Rago 687, Amanda Klaahsen 569; High Rollers – Bob Peters 266, Kyle Myers 254, Andy Cusack 660; Morning Rollers – Bruce Peterson 676; Young at Heart – Bob Thomas 673; Jokers Wild – Casey Kerns 265/687, Dan Isam 256, Mary Feola 572; and Umchu Full House – Jerry Fischer 256, Bobby Papapetrou 253, Bob Chambers 676 and Kevin Flanagan 655.

Inductees into the "I can't believe I beat myself club"include: Family Affair – Larry Lane 96/163 pins over with 269/682; SIRS – Frank Myers 77 over with 224, Billy Oliver 154 pins over with 700; Black Oak Seniors – Richard Mayes 93 pins over with 278;MondayNevada – Ed Beatty 80/141 pins over with 241/141; and High Rollers – Kyle Myers 90 pins over with 254.

The 9th annual Senior No-Tap tournament has completed the first group with the remaining two groups to bowl today. The first group had Tom Newell finish with an 839, Larry Valenti with an 836 and Mike Bowers with an 829 for the men. For the women, Arleen Williams bowled a 798, Debra Silva a 793 and Terry Hall a 786. There were just two 300 games bowled – Larry Valenti and Mike Bowers.