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This report covers local scores from Dec. 2-9 at Black Oak Lanes.

At last, a few 700 series were bowled. The highest was rolled by Bobby Papapetrou, of the Monday Nevada league, with a 726.

He also had the high game for this report, a 278, which could have been higher except for that bleeping 10 pin in the third frame. He did pick up the spare for a "Clean" game.

Mary Feola (Jokers Wild) had both the high game and series for women with a 258/656. Her game was 78 pins over her average.

There were two other 700 series for this report – Robert Porovich (Monday Nevada) with a 716 and and Jim Simmons (Monday Nevada) with a 700.

In the Morning Rollers league, the Sparks (Rod) seemed to have sparked the Starks (Betty and Gary) to roll reportable games. Great going! See all the league scores on Page C2.

Other notable scores include:Black Oak Seniors – Dave Rossi 657; Monday Nevada – Jim Simmons 256, Amanda Klaahsen 581, Lynn Porovich 231/615, Robert Porovich 269, Joe Gorman 267, Irene Deaver 556, Bob Thomas 690; High Rollers – Frank Gaspardi 256; Young at Heart – Dave Rossi 653; Jokers Wild – Steve Feola 267/683, Dan Isam 669; and Umchu Full House – Billy Oliver 260, Mike Silva 254, Kevin Flanagan 696.

The following have been inducted into the "Better Than My Average" club: In Monday Nevada, Joe Gorman was 82 pins over his average with a 267. In Jokers Wild, Steve Drummond was 79 pins over with 215.

Many of the leagues are bowling their Position Rounds and those results will be reported as they become available.

In the Umchu Full House league, Grapes of Wrath (Jennifer Kuriscak, Bert Abreo, Bob Chambers, Jim LeMaster) take their league's first half title with just a one game win.

Lower than average scores were discussed in a recent column and maybe storage of bowling balls could be an issue.

Really cold or really hot balls (like leaving them in your car) do not react the same on the lanes as ball kept in a near constant temperature area, such as at home or in a locker.

It has been recommended to me for many years to bring the ball to near room temperature for best reaction and results.