The Union Democrat Sports Department

Sonora Wildcat Steven Grolle raced to a first-place finish at the prestigious 3-mile Mt. San Antonio College Invitational and Calaveras' Hannah Hull came in second this past weekend in Walnut.

Grolle's time of15:46set a new personal record.

"Steven put 23 seconds on the No. 2 finisher and had no pressure from well before the crossover," said Sonora head coach Glenn Bass. "Steven is now the No. 2 runner in our Top 10 all-time list for Mt. Sac."

Hull crossed the line at19:39in the 165-runner girl's varsity race.

"Hannah really shined with her second place finish," said Calaveras head coach Tammy Lisk. "It was great to see her in front at such a big race."

Bret Harte's Tristan Boblet finished sixth (16:32); Shaan French Jr., Sonora, 20th (17:21); Devin Scheidt, Calaveras, 28th (17:40); Paul Mika, Sonora, 34th (17:51); Thomas Krueztfeldt, Sonora, 35th (17:52); Joshua Brady, Bret Harte, 70th (18:51); Patrick McConnell, Sonora, 71st (18:55); Jerrod Wagner, Bret Harte, 99th (19:50); Jared Teicheira, Calaveras, 124th (19:47); Sven Sederquist, Sonora, 128th (21:06); John Andersen, Calaveras, 139th (20:11); Tyler Fullerton, Bret Harte, 154th (22:18); Oscar Barboza, Bret Harte, 155th (22:22); Jason Deoliveria, Calaveras, 158th (20:49), and Frankie West, Calaveras, 169th (21:53).

As a team, Sonora placed fourth, Bret Harte 18th and Calaveras 23rd out of 32 schools.

For the varsity girls, Bret Harte's Hayley Rizzi was 15th (20:37); Greta Nilsen, Bret Harte, 51st (22:57); Amelia Maurer, Bret Harte, 53rd (23:02); Alejandra Rodriguez, Bret Harte, 75th (23:48); April Johnson, Bret Harte, 113th (25:29); Denise Carlin, Calaveras, 123rd (25:53), Mary Stewart, Calaveras, 136th (26:12), and Avery Johnson, Bret Harte, 157th (28:54).

Bret Harte placed eighth and Calaveras' Madison Colborn ran a 32:33.

Also for Bret Harte, Marc Behiel was third at18:05in the sophomore boys race; Nolan Johnson fourth (18:18), Zane Krpan 20th (19:31), Ryan Marinics 33rd (20:15), Tim Lunsford 35th (20:22); Aaron Cardiel 51st (21:10), Ethan Triance 54th (21:14), Jayton Dillashaw 109th (24:46) and Riley Gorman 116th (26:57) to lead the Bullfrogs to a first-place finish out of 34 schools.

Kaylynn Davis was 23rd for the sophomore girls at22:45; Melanie Nelson 24th (22:46), Casandra Gonzalez 29th (23:05), Baylee Barnes 38th (23:29), Jessalyn Crichton 63rd (24:28), and Victoria Morton 147th (28:34). The Bullfrogs placed fifth out of 60 schools and 193 runners.

Bret Harte freshman Bronco Cozzo was 61st (21:01), Ryan Heryford 73rd (21:28), Eric Pellegino 94th (22:15), McCall Pyle 97th (22:17), Lane Flanagan 101st (22:25), Noah Triance 149th (27:18) and Sam Lewis 151th (27:36).

For the frosh girls, Kaya Fishman was 148th (29:39) and Sarahi Terrones 173rd (32:13).