The Union Democrat Sports Department

By Ruth Abreo

For The Union Democrat

(This report covers the scores from the week of October 8-14 as bowled at Black Oak Lanes.)

An interesting score jumped off the page this past week.

In the Morning Rollers League, the Dare Devils almost rolled rare triplicate games, 680-680-688, for a 2,048 series. The team's members are Shirley Burk, Sheryl Breaux, Pat Choate and Dave Choate, and yes, they won all four games.

This week's men's high-game belongs to Jonathan Sheffield (High Rollers) with a 265, which is also 108 pins over his average. High-series for the men goes to Matt Clay (Senior Merrymakers) with a 698.

The women's high-game and high-series belongs to Mary Feola (High Rollers) for the second week in a row with a 233 and a 583, respectively.

Bryton Kuhl and Bert Sundling, 5, were the youth stars, bowling 72 pins over average for a 189 game and rolling 33 pins over average to finish with a 168 series, respectively. Not bad for Sundling, a bowling newcomer.

Other notable scores include: High Rollers - Nan Anderson 568; Morning Rollers - Bruce Peterson 257/677; Young at Heart - Ruth Benson 231, John Rago 661; Jokers

Wild - Les Starks 263, Warren Walker 652; Umchu Full House - Jim Simmons 255/672,

Amanda Klaashen 577, Les Starks 678 and Mixed Angels - Sharon Gomes 561.

The 'I can't believe I beat myself' inductees included the following: High Rollers - Jonathan Sheffield 167 pins over with 638; and Young at Heart - Ruth Benson 78 pins over with 231.

The Bowl for Veterans tournament will be hostedSaturdayby the Gold Country USBC with information available at the lanes.

OnNov. 1, the Black Oak Lanes will hold the Senior No-Tap with two squads - at10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

For more information, call 928-9414.

Recent money winners in the South Lake Tahoe SIRS tournament include: Don and Jan Banchero in Doubles, Jan Bancheron in Division B All Events, and Bert Abreo and yours truly in their respective divisions in Singles.

A correction is last week's report needs to be noted - Dave Rossi (Umchu Full House) did not bowl and the scores reported belong to Kevin Flanagan (Umchu Full House).