The Union Democrat Sports Department

Calaveras' Hannah Hull, Bret Harte's Tristan Boblet and the Summerville boys left their marks in the rainSaturdayat the Frogtown Invitational.

Hull led the way for the varsity girls with a first-place finish at19:49in the 31-school, 115-runner field on the 3-mile foothills course. Redskin teammates Denise Carlin crossed the finish line in 66th (25:07) and Madison Colborn was 109th (32:25).

"It was a wet, cool day, and we raced really well," said Redskin head coach Tammy Lisk. "It was nice to see a Calaveras runner in the front of each race today."

Boblet led the Bullfrogs, and the race for awhile, to an overall 12th place spot, clocking in just five seconds shy of leader to finish second at16:51out of 151 runners.

"He's been running pretty well all season," said Bullfrogs head coach Keith Maurer of Boblet. "He has a goal to be one of the top runners in the section. He's going to be one of the top runners. He's in better shape than last year."

Frog teammates Josh Brady (19:02) and Jared Wagner (19:03) were right next to each other at 35th and 36th, respectively.

With impressive runs from Chris Hoffman-Brady, and freshman Jackson McIlroy, who clocked in at17:23 and 17:40for fifth and eighth place, respectively, the Bears finished an impressive third.

Also for Summerville, Colby Dibble ranked 30th (18:53), Stephen Higginbotham 42nd (19:12), and Gaige Stewart 53rd (19:39).

"Several stellar performances were accomplished both team-wise and individual-wise," Bears cross country coach Terry Miller said. "But the most remarkable credit for the meet is well deserved and reserved for the varsity boys."

For the Redskin boys, Devin Scheidt was the first Redskin to compete the course at18:08in 12th place. Jesais Hall was 34th (19:00), Jacob Williams 49th (19:29), Jared Teicheira 55th (19:43), John Andersen 59th (19:58), Jason Deoliveria 75th (20:24) and Frankie West 114th (22:20). As a team, the Redskins placed fifth with 201 points.

The Bears girls ran to a seventh place finish as a team with Kiki Cazares charging to a 10th place performance at21:29. Maya Roe came in at 25th (22:50). In her first varsity race, freshman Sarajean St. John finished 47th (24:29), Kara Wessell 73rd (26:44) and Jocelyn Robles 93rd (28:22). Other finishers include Shelby Conklin (29:07), Candi Whitehead (30:41) and Angie Hyde (32:17).

Bullfrog Hayley Rizzi medaled, sprinting to the eighth spot at21:35for the girls. Amelia Maurer finished in the top half at 35th (23:35), Kate Krpan was 68th (26:11) and Avery Anderson was 104th (30:51).

"Despite the rain, it went off pretty well," Maurer said of hosting the invitational. "All the runners seem to enjoy themselves."

JV-In the two-mile, 48-runner sophomore boys race, Bret Harte's Marc Behiel clocked in at fourth with a time of12:29to lead the Bullfrogs to the first place title. Zane Krpan was 10th (13:09), Nick Karnes 15th (13:33), Ryan Marinics (13:44), Grant Castle 22nd (14:04), Ethan Triance 31st (14:56), Jayton Dillashaw (16:15), Jakob Emerson (16:42) and Riley Gorman 46th (18:59).

Michael Stickels, of Calaveras, placed third in a time of12:28.

Frosh-For the girls on the two-mile course, Redskin Olivia Borchin ran the top time at14:42out of 74 runners to earn first place honors. Mykayla Leiser clocked in at16:09for 15th, Savannah Rose 42nd (18:19) and Jynee Baroda 46th (18:29).

"We did not have enough girls to place as a team today," Lisk said. "But the girls ran a great, even in the pouring rain."

Bret Harte's Baylee Barnes pushed forward to the third spot at14:59to give the Bullfrogs the first-place award in the freshman and sophomore girls' race. Greta Nilsen came in sixth (15:24), Melanie Nelson ninth (15:39), Kaylynn Davis 11th (15:50), April Johnson 13th (15:50), Jessalyn Crichton 23rd (16:33), Jara Clark 49th (18:58) and Victoria Morton 60th (19:36).

Bret Harte's freshmen boys ran strong in the 61-runner, two-mile race. Bronco Cozzo came in 16th (14:06), Lane Flanagan 17th (14:16), Eric Pellegrino 22nd (14:32), David Kirkendall 30th (15:03), Sam Lewis 40th (16:04) and Noah Triance 52 (16:57).

"I was happy with our sophomores," Maurer said. "We won the sophomore boys and the frosh/soph girls. It's good for the future."

Summerville Bear Garrett Rebelo finished in15:00flat for 29th place and John Hoffman-Brady placed 37th at15:31