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The youth bowlers are back on the lanes and youngsters Ruby James, 6, and Dallas Lattin, 4, were shooting their best. They bowled 80 and 88 pins over their averages with series scores of 191 and 184, respectively. That's great bowling!

An oddity occurred recently when two members of the same team both bowled a clean game with the same score - a 193. That was Jerry Bruce's and Suzanne McGee's claim to fame from the Umchu Full House league.

Rolling their way to men's high series and high game were Paco Caspary (Jokers Wild) with a 754, which was 193 pins over average, and Bob Chambers (High Rollers) with a 283, which was 84 pins over his average.

Amanda Klaaahsen (Umchu Full House) edged out Toni Sundling (Gamblers Getawat) by one pin for women's high game (235-234). Joy Parades (Mixed Angels) edged out Alicia Filiberti (High Rollers) and Lynn Pororvich (Monday Nevada) by the total of less than a mark for the women's high series honors (624-616 and 611). No matter, it's still some pretty good bowling by all.

Caspary had some company in rolling a 700 series. Robert Porovich (Monday Nevada) bagged a 732 and Jeremy Curry (Umchu Full House) pulled a 704 off the lanes.

Other notable scores include: Family Affair – Art Jones 258, Paco Caspary 250/652; Monday Nevada – Robert Porovich 279, Amanda Klaahsen 554, Patrick Pillsbury 699, Anthony Chastain 677; High Rollers – Tom Hendricks 268, Kevin Moyle 265/663, Mary Feola 565 John Rago 679, Bob Chambers 677; Young at Heart – Dave Rossi 687, John Rago 672; Jokers Wild – Paco Caspary 276, Dan Isam 677, Derek Gregory 263, Les Starks 269, Steve Feola 691; Early Birds – Sharon McThorn 225, Umchu Full House – Jeremy Curry 253, Amanda Klaahsen 587, Dave Rossi 699; Mixed Angels – George Balcarcel 267/660, Les Starks 693; and Gambler's Getaway – Art Kaua 678.

The "I can't believe I beat myself" inducted the following: Gold Country Youth/Adult – Joe Gorman (adult) 155 pins over his average with a 635; Monday Nevada – Robert Rappe 78 over with 237 and Shanee Robinson 80 over with 211 (her first 200 ever); High Rollers – Jared Ford 77 over with 247 and Sandy Taylor 81 over with 211 (she says it was a fluke); Jokers Wild – Ralph "Paco" Caspary 89 pins over with 276, Casey King (male) 86 pins over with 203, Ralph Feola 76 pins over with 247; Mixed Angels – George Balcarcel 85 over with 267 and Gamblers Getaway – Chris McEntire 80/148 over with 229/595.

Winners of the Annual Black Oak Senior No-Tap include: Women – Anja DeBoer 895, Loretta Croffoot 868 and Terry Hall 836; Men – Mike Silva 900, Ernie Mauck 877 and Ron McConnell 869.

The monthly Senior No-Tap will be on April 4 and for more information, for more information, call 928-9419.

Upcoming tournaments include the Earl Anthony PBA ProAm on April 12 and 13; SIRS tournament in Carson City April 15-18; SIRS tournament in Pollock Pines April 27-29 and Black Oak PBA ProAm on May 3 (there will not be a monthly Senior NoTap). Entry forms for all are at or near the control desk.