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We're back on the lanes after the holiday break and all of the leagues are under way in the second half of the season. And boy, doesn't the year go fast, especially when you get chronologically older.

I have heard some concerns about lane conditions at Black Oak, but the conditions were right up Robert Porovich's alley. Porovich, of the Monday Nevada League, rolled a 740 series which was easily the high for men.

Jerry Fischer (Umchu Full House) also found the lanes to his liking as he rolled a 278 which was 82 pins over his average.

Monday Nevada's Amanda Klaahsen once again rolled the high score and series for the women - a 244/616.

Other notable scores include: Family Affair-Barbara Persson 552, Ralphy Caspary 697 (oh, that elusive 700 series!); Monday Nevada-Walt Bales 268/677, Robert Porovich 265, Lynn Porovich 606, Patrick Pillsbury 673 and Umchu Full House-Jerry Fischer 670.

The "I can't believe I beat myself" had a couple more inductees this report - both bowl in Monday Nevada. Walt Bales and Walt Semson, were both 93 pins over average in the game with a 268 and 240, respectively. Bales was also 152 pins over his series average with a 677.

Upcoming tournaments include a Fun Tournament sponsored by the local 500 club on Jan. 26 at 1:30 pm, which is open to any USBC bowler.

The Annual Local Association tournament on March 2-3 is open only to Gold Country USBC bowlers.Both have additional information at the bowling center.

Black Oak will host its annual Senior No-Tap in March and time slots are filling quickly.This will be held on March 1 at 1:30 p.m. and March 8 at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and is open to any senior bowler.

For more information, contact Sandy Taylor at 928-9419.

There is also the monthly tournament on February 1 at 1:30 p.m.

SIRS have tournaments coming up in February at Livermore and Napa – entries are available online and at the bowling center.

Bowling Scores report for week of 1-14-13

(NOTE: All team games and series scores include handicap), at Black Oak Lanes

Certified Leagues

Gold Country Youth Adult League (1-6)

Youth Games-Girls: Sierra Scott 136, Shyly Valentine 133, Briana Prock 123; Boys: Chris Swendeman 214, Zackery Kuhl 202, William Thomas 198

Youth Series-Girls: Scott 383, Valentine 344, Prock 331; Boys: Jared Ford 554, C. Swendeman

546, Thomas 538

Games-Women: Maranda Dunn 168, Gina Prock 112, Jessica Welch 108; Men: Dan Isam 233, Joe Gorman 221, Hal Prock 213

Series-Women: Dunn 470, Prock 328, Welch 317; Men: Isam 684, J. Gorman 542, Prock 532

Team Standings: (12-16) Screwballs, Alley Catz, Magenta Maniacs and Quad Bowlers 3-1 two teams at 2-2

Family Affair (1-6)

Games-Women: Barbara Persson 198, Judy Steeley 177, Jackie Allen 173; Men: Ralph Caspary 243, Fred Persson 197, Stephen Patton 196

Series-Women: B. Persson 552, Allen 506, Laura Persson 496; Men: Caspary 697, Art Jones

564, Persson 517

Team Game: The Intimidators 530, Keep-In-Up 517, Gutter Balls 516

Team Series: Gutter Balls 1506, Keep-In-Up 1497, The Intimidators 1477

Standings: Gutter Balls 38-22, Funny Farm 37-22, Pin Heads 35-25

SIRS (1-7)

Games: Gerry Davis 234, Jim Simmons 213, Dave Rossi and Herman Schmitz 212

Series: Rossi 634, Davis 596, Jim Simmons and Jim VanGerpen 553

Team Game: Hines Pickles 808, Georgie's Boys 804, Misfits 783

Team Series: Georgie's Boys 2327, Hines Pickles 2318, Dennis' Gang 2175

Standings: Rejects 4-0, Andy's Dandys, Georgie's Boys and Hines Pickles 3-1, Drex Wrex 2.5-1.5

Monday Nevada (1-7)

Games-Women: Amanda Klaahsen 244, Lynn Porovich 224, Barbara Newman 205; Men: Walt

Bales 268, Robert Porovich 265, Anthony Chastain and Walt Semsen 240

Series-Women: Klaahsen 616, Porovich 606, Irene Deaver 530; Men: Porovich 740, Bales 677,

Patrick Pillsbury 673

Team Game: The Tire Shop 1081, Loners 1038, San Andreas Mini Mart 958

Team Series: The Tire Shop 3087, Loners 2877, San Andreas Mini Mart 2856

Standings: The Tire Shop 4-0, Gold Diggers, Sonora Fire & Safety and Sierra Memorials 3-1, four teams at 2-2

Umchu Full House (1-10)

Games-Women: Jerry Bruce 170, Elaine Simmons and Jackie Allen 168, Toni Sundling 166: Men: Jerry Fisher 278, Jim LeMaster 242, Ralph Caspary 237

Series-Women: Allen 462, Sundling 453, Barbara Pesson 446; Men: Fisher 670, Bob Peters

643, Caspary 638

Team Game: Strike or Go Home 870, Cutler-Segerstrom 816, Randy's Doors 792

Team Series: Strike or Go Home 2456, Randy's Doors 2357, Fantastic Four 2290

Standings: Fantastic Four 10-2, Off the Mark and Strike or Go Home 9-3, Grapes of Wrath and

Mountain Oasis 7-5.