Bill Rozak

Steven Grolle was admittedly a "little sore" on Sunday.

The 16-year Sonora High sophomore competed in the Jamestown Run on Saturday morning and not only did he compete, he took first place and set the 10k-course record (35:18).

But he was just getting started.

After dominating his morning race, Grolle and his family drove to Turlock to compete in the Al Brenda Athletic Club Invitational, a high-school event hosted by Stanislaus St.

Grolle completed the double-dip by besting the field in the 2-mile event with a time of 10:03.

"I've got to say I felt pretty tired at the start of the second race," said Grolle. "It's not something I've ever done. I was literally five minutes out of the car when I started the two-mile race. I went to register and the guy told me my race started in a couple of minutes and that I might want to put on my running shoes."

At Jamestown, Grolle broke Nick Klein's record that was set just last year (36:10). The Jamestown Run was Klein's Sonora High senior project when he set the standard.

"Wow, I didn't know that I broke the record," said Grolle by phone on Sunday evening. "That feels great because he was so awesome. I probably could've run a little faster but I was afraid to pass the CHP car that was escorting me through the course. I didn't know if it was legal."

Over 100 competitors took part in the Jamestown Run, well down from the 214 that participated last year probably due to expected wet and cold weather.

But the racers who showed, were rewarded with pretty dry conditions with just a heavy mist at times. The skies didn't open until after the final medal was awarded.

"The weather was nice up here," said Grolle. "The course is really nice with all the rolling hills and greenery. It was beautiful. It was definitely raining down in Turlock."

"It was a great day," said race organizer Lisa Mooney. "The beauty of having a small-scaled race was that people who never medaled got one. I'm so happy with the event - the weather turned out just great."

Full race results will be published as they become available.