The date was Aug. 29 and Sonora was traveling to Angels Camp to face Bret Harte.

Sonora had won outright or shared a Valley Oak League title in six of the past eight years.

From 2008-10, Bret Harte had a combined three-year Mother Lode League record of 7-38. The last time Bret Harte had hung a championship banner was 1987.

But while watching Bret Harte junior Kylie Kester and her teammates warm up, Sonora head coach Kim Evans felt fear.

Recalled Evans, "I remember saying to myself, 'We are in big trouble.' "

Bret Harte head coach Rich Juarez approached Evans during warmups.

"Well," said Evans, "Rich said to me - casually, not boastfully - 'I

think our team can be pretty good this season.' And I'm watching Kylie

smack that ball and I was thinking, 'This team will be really good.' "

Ultimately, Sonora won this match. Senior Abby Runte led Sonora in kills and was second in digs.

"Kylie also had played excellent and I was relieved we won," said

Evans. "So I said to Abby, 'I was scared about winning this one.' And

Abby, meaning no disrespect to Bret Harte, says to me, 'I wasn't

worried because we will win every one of our matches this year.' "

And Runte wasn't far off with that prediction.

Outside of some preseason-tournament contests laden with

perennial-powers, Sonora didn't lose. That included a perfect

run-of-the-table through 14 VOL contests.

Runte led Sonora in kills, was second in digs and earned VOL Most Valuable Player honors.

"The attitude that Abby showed in that August match against Bret

Harte was the same exact attitude she carried through the rest of this

season - that we couldn't lose," said Evans. "And she did everything

she could to make sure we kept winning.

"What was also so interesting about that match verse Bret Harte is

afterwards I was talking to Rich and I told him something which he

probably already knew: That once his girls believed they were winners,

they would become a great team."

And that is what happened.

Led by Kester's season-long earthquake-inducing spikes, Bret Harte

captured the Mother Lode League title with a 12-3 record. Kester was

named MLL MVP.

"I knew how well Bret Harte was doing," said Evans. "And so, during

the season, whenever Rich and I would talk we'd say, 'OK, we'll meet

you at Davis.' "

The title contest of the Sac-Joaquin Section Division IV Championships is held at U-Cal Davis.

"We were semi-joking," said Evans. "But I know Rich and I also both thought it possible. Both teams became very good."

During the post-season, Sonora defeated Calaveras (3-0) in

first-round play. Bret Harte advanced to the Final Four with wins over

Hilmar (3-2) and Mariposa (3-0).

"When we needed something done, we went to Kylie," said Juarez.

"Kylie missed a grand total of one hit all year. She's always smiling

because she loves the game so much. She led us by her example. But if

something needed to be said, Kylie would say it."

So for overall outstanding play as individuals and for leading

their teams to a championship and postseason success, Kylie Kester and

Abby Runte are the 2011 Union Democrat All-Area Co-Most Valuable


"That is a fantastic choice for this award," said Juarez. "Abby is

such a great all-around player. She puts her nose to the grindstone and

gets the job done. She always seems to find a way to make things

happen. I've seen her practice. Her work ethic is incredible.

"Kylie is the same way. She'll do whatever it takes to win. Kylie

understands the game thoroughly. I've never had a player better

understand what I'm trying to get across than Kylie - both physically

and mentally."

"This is outstanding for both Abby and Kylie," said Evans. "These

are two very-well deserving players for this honor. What I'm most happy

for is that both of them worked so hard to improve and everything paid

off for them in order to get this accolade."

"It's an unbelievable honor!" beamed Runte, upon being informed of

her award. "It's amazing to be honored like this, it feels great and

I'm very appreciative."

"This is such an honor that I can't even believe it," said Kester.

Kester's favorite 2011 volleyball memory, she says, "was when we

got to dump water on top of Coach Juarez after we clinched the MLL

title (Nov. 1)."

In that 3-2 thriller over Calaveras, Kester had a match-high 19 kills.

"If we didn't have Kylie, we would not have had anywhere near this

type of season," said teammate Lauren Lane, who earned First-Team

All-Area honors. "It seemed that after Kylie made her hits, opponents

just stuck. They didn't move. They had no idea what to do. When Kylie

hit inside that 10-foot line, the ball just went straight down. It was


"Kylie was our leader. If you made a mistake, she picked you up. If

you had a question, she knew the answer because she knows this game so


"Kylie has the complete game," said Bret Harte athletic director

Heath Lane. "She's effective from the back and front rows. I never once

saw her get angry or get down. She is also an outstanding student


Like Kester, Runte not only hits volleyballs, she also hits the books.

In the fall, Runte is planning on attending either U-Cal Davis or

Cal-Poly. She wants to study Cultural Anthropology and would like to

play volleyball at the club level or intramural.

Her favorite 2011 volleyball memory, says Runte, "was beating

Oakdale away in our last regular-season game (Nov. 1). We were weak in

the beginning of the match and then in the fifth game we took complete

control and won it."

"Abby was so important to our success," said Sonora libero Maddie

Pallante, who earned First-Team All-Area honors. "Abby can do

everything on that court - pass, hit, lead, everything."

"Abby represents the tradition of Sonora volleyball at its very

highest," said Sonora athletic director Rick Francis. "The tradition of

our volleyball program is phenomenal and Abby represents the Green and

Gold very well."

"I remember that I started playing volleyball in 6th grade at

Sonora Elementary and I really didn't even understand it," said Runte.

"I didn't get the whole rotating thing and didn't think much of the

sport at first. By 8th grade, I became competitive about it."

"I was probably 5-years old when I first picked up a volleyball,"

said Kester. "My older sister (by six years) was playing and I was the

water-girl. And then I just put in years and years of practice.

"It's hard to explain what I'm thinking when I see that perfect set.

But you're in the moment - you want to hit that ball straight down."

"When you see a perfect set," says Runte, "it's exhilarating. All you want to do is slam it as hard as you can."

"Kylie and Abby are both similar in their intense desire to do well

personally and for their teams to win," said Evans. "Abby was

frustrating to play against because she's so crafty. Kylie was so

successful because she's so confident in her ability to hit and


"Kylie has unmatched power," said Juarez. "Her hits are lightning.

Abby is really creative with her hits and is outstanding with her tips."

"Abby was our glue this season," said Evans. "She kept everybody

where they needed to be - physically, emotionally and mentally."

With a laugh, Evans adds, "As for Kylie ... I am not looking forward to facing her next year!"