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Following the heartbreaking overtime loss to the Hughson Huskies two weeks ago, the Bret Harte Bullfrogs were looking for a big rebound against the Mesa Verde Mavericks.

And rebound they did.

Behind a dominant defensive performance, the Bullfrogs pounded the Mavericks by a score of 45-7.

Although it took the Frogs almost the entire first quarter to score

their first touchdown, they never looked back afterwards. Star senior

Justice Rasmussen scored on a seldom-used reverse from Jordan King.

Rasmussen would proceed to run from 17 yards out to put Bret Harte up

7-0 with 33 seconds left in the first.

"That reverse was just set up perfectly, honestly," said Rasmussen.

"That was great blocking, a great fake. We were running that sweep

earlier in the game, trying to get them off guard. Then the reverse

just set itself up. We had a great block from right tackle Jared

Taylor, he kind of loops around, kind of like a crack I'd say, but it's

an awesome play with awesome blocks by everyone. The cornerback led me

in, just great teamwork all around."

Rasmussen would score a second touchdown, a 1-yard run with 35 seconds remaining in the second quarter.

He wasn't the only Bullfrog running back to hit paydirt Friday night.

Senior Tanner Sherrow scored a 2-yard touchdown with 8:54 left in the first and a 3-yarder with 1:33 left in the third.

Sherrow also capped off the Bullfrog's scoring for the night,

juking and jiving his way from the 13-yard line to bring the score to

the final of 45-7.

Senior quarterback Seth Holcomb also had himself a nice game,

throwing for 213 yards and one touchdown. He connected with Jordan King

for a 36-yard score with 8:44 remaining in the third quarter and put

Bret Harte up 28-7.

"It felt really good" said Holcomb. "I thank my O-line, they gave

me time back there to throw and the receivers ran great routes and

caught the ball. I just threw them the ball."

As the offensive line enjoyed much success, the defensive line was just as effective.

"The defensive line did awesome all week" said senior defensive

lineman Jarrett Duarte, "Coach (Kelly) Osborn has been telling us how

to execute, just get our hands set, be low. The D-line played a very

good part in the defensive performance tonight."

Duarte and his fellow linemen got to the Mesa Verde QB throughout

the night. They ended the game with seven sacks against the Mavericks

offensive line.

"I think our defense has played solid all year long," said

Bullfrogs head coach Scott Edwards. "You go back to homecoming week and

we had a hell of a night that night except for a couple of plays where

we didn't wrap up and finish our tackles. Our defense is much improved

this year, not just tonight. Look at our point differential, it's been

on the positive side for most of the year and our losses have been

tight games. The defense has been a strong suit for us and our guys did

a good job tonight. They understand the tendencies, they reacted well.

The defense played a tremendous game tonight."

The Bullfrogs (3-2) will need to keep up their strong defensive

play when they take on the Linden Lions next week. The game will mark

the start of Mother Lode League play.

"You know what, I haven't seen anything on Linden," said Edwards.

"I'm assuming that they're doing some of the things from last year, so

we've gotta go back to some old school basics and learn how to play

option football again and all those responsibilities that come with it.

There's no question that our schedule changes now that we're getting

into league. The MLL is always a physical kind of football, so we'll

watch the film and see what we've got to work on and what we've got to

improve on, but mainly how to stop the veer option."

The Bullfrogs host Linden on Friday at 7:30 p.m.