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Friday night was homecoming for the Calaveras Redskins at Frank Meyer Field, and the Mesa Verde Mavericks were in town to oppose Calaveras.

As the Redskins entered the field they ran through a tunnel of Harley Davidson motorcycles, all revving their engines, the crowd and the players.

"I'm part of student council and so I got to put a lot of work into

it," said junior running back Kellen Hodgson. "Like the bikes, I've

been dreaming about that. I was talking to Mikey Seawell on the way

down. We remember years ago when our brothers were running down, we

were standing right there, right next to the bikes. And it got us fired


Then right before the game kicked off the speakers began to blast

the Guns N' Roses hit, "Welcome to the Jungle," off the band's infamous

album, "Appetite for Destruction."

It was a fitting song selection for the occasion, considering the

Redskins clearly had an appetite for destruction as they took control

of the game from the opening kickoff and trounced the Mavericks, 33-7.

Calaveras opened the game with an eight-play, 61-yard drive, that

was capped off with a 3-yard touchdown run off right tackle by Hodgson,

giving the Redskins an early 7-0 lead.

Then the Calaveras defense took the field and quickly forced a

three-and-out, getting the ball back on the Mesa Verde 37-yard line.

Seven plays later, Calaveras took a 13-0 lead on a 4-yard touchdown run

by senior fullback Austin Weatherby.

Mesa Verde would get the ball back, but it would be short lived, as

Donovan Vassey would force the first of his two interceptions in the


On their third possession, the Redskins made it look just as easy,

going on a 14-play, 84-yard drive that took 4:55 off the clock and was

finished off with a 4-yard scamper by Robbie Weaver, giving Calaveras a

19-0 lead.

That made it three possessions and three rushing touchdowns for the

Redskins. But it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the work

of the Calaveras offensive line, which absolutely dominated the line of


"(Troy) McCann, (Noah) Schuller, both of them were covered all

night long, but they did a great job," said Calaveras head coach Jason

Weatherby of his O-line play. "Kyle Nichols on the other side, on the

strong side, he did good. Coleman Kassick, whenever we did the sweep to

his side, he always got the hook block - that's what makes the play

develop. Then Jason (Leatherman), of course, is Jason. He back-blocks

and does what he does. He's a good player, too."

Mesa Verde got the ball to start the second half, but was quickly

forced to punt after a three-and-out, giving Calaveras the ball at its

own 23-yard line.

Hodgson quickly moved Calaveras to within striking distance as he

took the first carry of the drive for a 40-yard run up the right

sideline. Then five plays later, Hodgson took it to the house on a

22-yard run that started off left tackle, before he broke it to the

left sideline. After the score, the Redskins had extended their lead to


"The coaches have been telling me to cut quicker and stop

hesitating as much," said Hodgson, who gained 122 yards total on 11

carries. "It was just as they said and the holes opened up."

"I thought Kellen ran the ball the best we've seen him this year, so

he's finding himself in our offensive scheme," said Coach Weatherby.

On the very next play, the Mavericks would get their only score of

the game, which came on a 70-yard kickoff return by Andre O'Neal,

cutting the score to 26-7.

But Calaveras would quickly answer, with Weatherby going untouched

for a 25-yard rushing touchdown, which was set up by a nice 55-yard

kickoff return by Seawell.

It was a stellar performance for the Redskins on both sides of the

ball. The Calaveras offense racked up 319 yards on the ground (382

total) behind the excellent play of its offensive line.

"For the most part, I think we did great," said Schuller of the

line's performance. "We're still improving. I think we could get to the

point of perfection. We could probably become one of the best lines in

the league, the way we're going."

Not to be outdone, the Calaveras defense was just as impressive. The

Redskins defensive unit only allowed 177 yards, seven first downs and

they forced three turnovers. Like with the offensive unit, a huge part

of their success was due to the defensive line play, which won the

battle at the line of scrimmage and allowed the linebackers the space

to roam and make tackles.

"The defensive line played great," said junior inside linebacker

Joe Elliott. "They got in their gaps. They've still got to work on

finding the ball once they're there, but they did a really good job.

They get in there and they move (offensive) linemen. Now we've just got

to work on getting off O-line blocks.

"It was a great effort by them. It helps us out a lot-the defensive

backs, the linebackers. When the linemen do good, everyone else does


Elliott's sentiment was backed by Coach Weatherby, who had nothing

but positive things to say about the play of the defensive line,

especially its ability to allow the linebackers to make plays.

"With our slant techniques, and whatnot, they're going to free them

up even more," said Weatherby. "They did a good job getting

penetration. We didn't show them the same thing all the time, so they

couldn't get to the linebackers because they didn't know where our

D-line was gonna be. It helped out a lot."

Overall, it was a great victory for Calaveras. They dominated both

sides of the ball and they got a much-needed victory after falling in

their last two games.

"I'm glad this didn't go the other way," said Elliott. "That's the

biggest thing. We could not lose another game and be a 1-3 team. We are

not that team. This is just something we had to do. We had to win this

game. Hopefully this is something that just keeps us going. We needed

this. And we need the next six. We've lost too many already."