Bret Harte's Scott Edwards is in his sixth season as Bullfrogs' head coach. "Coach made sure we were all fired up to play tonight," said Bullfrog lineman Jared Taylor, after Bret Harte's Friday-night win. "We responded well to what he said." Postgame, Edwards talked with sports reporter Allan Mandell-Editor.

UD: Coach, this offensive line of yours and their work tonight was certainly impressive.

SE: Yes, a lot better job staying on their blocks as compared to last week. We challenged them this week. We had physical, physical practices this week and we said to them, "If you hit Gustine as hard as you hit each other all week, we're gonna be happy with the end result."

UD: One play in particular seemed to tear into them: Tanner Sherrow's 33-yard, in-your-face, first-quarter touchdown run.

SE: I did have a good view of that and it was pretty sweet. The

kids responded well. Tanner gave us a great effort. Overall, we're

really making an effort at changing the way we go about things, holding

ourselves more accountable during practice from an effort


That was part of our pre-game speech: "Let's start developing

manhood." I think they took those words to heart and we're gonna play

with a little more heart and soul and do the job like a man should.

Hopefully, we can keep this going.

UD: Speaking of one of your heart-and-soul players ... Justice (Rasmussen).

SE: He goes! He goes - does he ever go. We've always known that.

Gustine is a far superior team than last year from a talent

standpoint. And we saw tonight what Justice can do when guys maintain

their blocks and give him a chance down at the second level. His feet

will get him to the first level. If our line can stay body-on-body,

he's gonna keep those feet going. He's shifty and he's tough to find,

the motor keeps running.

UD: A defensive lineman seemed to stand out for you tonight,

Kurtis Wainwright (a fumble recovery and seven tackles, three behind

the line of scrimmage, including a sack).

SE: He's been making plays the last couple of weeks and tonight he

had a great night. He's in the rotation. He's our first sub in. We're

getting better competition in our practices. He's shown great growth in

practices and it showed in his play tonight.

UD: You told us over the summer that (RB/CB) Jordan Gomez would come through for you. Tonight was a true example of that.

SE: Yes. He's a natural athlete. He's just gonna get better and

better. Over the summer, we saw how the kid moved and developed a sense

of where to go and what to do. But 7-on-7 is not real football. And

while he had a great summer from a 7-on-7 perspective, he's now

learning the game of football and how to trust his blockers. We saw

improvement tonight from last week and if he keeps learning the game,

keeps trusting the schemes, keeps trusting our line to make the blocks

- letting things develop - we'll see bigger and bigger things from him

the rest of the year.

UD: What about this defense of yours tonight?

SE: Outstanding.

Just a far better job. We challenged the kids all week and they

responded. We got solid play from Sherrow and (Josh) Bailey at outside

linebacker. The defensive line dominated play upfront. I thought (Mike)

Rocco and (Oscar) Orozco were good inside.

There were some completions against us, there were some things in

the passing game that they had developed and are a concern, so we do

need to tighten things up in our secondary a bit.

But I can't complain about our defense. One of their scores was off

a turnover from us. Gustine also completed a great touchdown pass when

we had tremendous coverage. They had a late run for a score on a busted

play. But, overall, I think our defense had a great night.