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Two of the Winter leagues have started - Umchu Full House and Gambler's Getaway.

The majority will start next week, beginning on Tuesday. Some of the leagues still have openings for additional bowlers.

Rolling both the high game and series for the men was Jeremy Curry (Umchu Full House) with a 261/633. Taking the honors for the women, also from the same league, are Amanda Klaahsen with game of 203 and Holly Matranga with a series of 527.

The last of League Champions have been declared. In the Diamond Duos it

was the S&J consisting of Shirley Parades and Joe Rodriguez; and in

the uncertified leagues, in the Black Oak 9-Pin No-tap we have the

Tappers (Ruth Benson, Terry and Bill Hall) and in the Sonora Regional

Medical Center it was those Dangerous Dames (Jackie Ferreira, Julie

Kline, Sharon Miguel and Jane Gibler).

Available through USBC is a certification process for league

secretaries which can be done online. This certification process is

very similar to that which is offered for coaching.

In November, a certification process will be available for league

secretary/treasurer or just treasurer and next August the process of

certification will be available for league presidents.

The point behind this certification process is to help league

officers do their jobs better, regardless of how long they have been an

officer. It is not a mandated process, just a tool.

For additional information, go the website and then go to Rules and then certification.

Bowling Scores report

for week of 8-29

Black Oak 9-pin No-Tap (8-15)

Games-Women: Ruth Abreo 252, Ada Hill 240, Ruth Benson 235; Men: Bob Wright and Chris Parreira 278, Steve Patton 276

Series-Women: Hill 649, Kay Hunter 640, Abreo 624; Men: Wright 790, Parreira 711, Gerry Davis 697

Team Game: 3 Easy's 780, The Three Amigos 758, The Grouches 734

Team Series: 3 Easy's 2198, The Grouches 1969, On the Mountain 1924

Standings: Tappers 37-11, On the Mountain 33-15, 3 Easy's 31-17

Black Oak 9-pin No-Tap (8-22)

Games-Women: Ruth Benson 253, Ada Hill 251, Terry Hall 241; Men:

Rod Hirtzel and Ron Thompson 258, Mel Lawrence and Dave Hunter 252

Series-Women: Benson 664, Hill 658, Kay Hunter 626; Men: Hirtzel 701, Lawrence 670, Larry Jones 651

Team Game: The Three Amigos 687, On the Mountain 686, Tappers 678

Team Series: Tappers 1963, The Wolfpack 1938, The Three Amigos 1924

Standings: Tappers 40-12, On the Mountain 34-18, The Wolfpack 33.5-18.5

Sonora Regional Medical

Center (8-16)

Games: Jean Curto 177, Julie Kline 152, Michelle Crownover 140

Series: Michelle Francis 491, Joy Meyers 379, Jane Gibler 359

Team Game: Dangerous Dames 550, Sister Strikers 529, Gutter Gals 514

Team Series: Sister Strikers 1490, Dangerous Dames 1443, Gutter Gals 1438

Standings: Dangerous Dames 34.5-12.5, Bowling Buddies 27.5-20.5, Pink Ladies 25-23

Sonora Regional Medical

Center (8-22)

Games: Jane Gibler 155, Bonnie Warzee 143, Diane Hislop 141

Series: Kathleen Nguyen 447, Michelle Francis 421, Jennifer Mueller 363

Team Game: Pinquins 537, Pink Ladies 531, Bowling Buddies

Team Series: Pinquins 1561, Bowling Buddies 1481, Pink Ladies 1440

Standings: Dangerous Dames 34.5-17.5, Bowling Buddies 31.5-20.5, Pink Ladies 28-24

Diamond Duos (8-16)

Games-Women: Josie Lee 189, Marilyn Day 174, Shirley Parades 152; Men: Chuck Farris 221, Duke Alsup 203, Don Kasso 190

Series-Women: Day 509, Lee 481, Parades 434; Men: Farris 576, Jeff Hurley 524, Kaqsso 522

Team Game: J&C Express 398, One Game Wonders 366, Her & Him 334

Team Series: J&C Express 1094, One Game Wonders 976, The S&J 936

Standings: The S&J 38.5-21.5, J&C Express 38-22, Golden Oldies 34-26

Umchu Full House (8-25)

Games-Women: Amanda Klaahsen 203, Holly Matranga 193, Barbara

Persson 192; Men: Jeremy Curry 261, Kevin Flanagan 233, John Ogle 26

Series-Women: Matranga 527, Klaahsen 524, Persson 456; Men: Curry 633, Flanagan 620, Ogle 618

Team Game: Team Swagga 823, Fantastic Four 759, Randy's Doors 715

Team Series: Team Swagga 2343, Fantastic Four 2061, Mountain Oasis 2014

Standings: Randy's Doors, Psychedlic Seniors and Team No. 3 3-1, and five teams 2-2.