The Union Democrat Sports Department

Participating in a national tournament can be daunting, scary and nerve-wracking because, for most participants, they've had to travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to be there.

Then, this is not your "home" house. You do not know the people bowling on either side of you - some of them are friendly and some are not.

Oh, and let's not forget the rules, such as no smoking (if it is still allowed at your center), no eating, you must let the monitor know you are going to the restroom and, probably one of the more important ones, be ready to bowl when it is your turn (you do not wait until the anchor on your team has rolled a ball).

But on the other side of the coin, you get to meet lots of new people

who may become very long-term friends, visit new places, try new foods

and learn if you can bowl somewhere other than home.

Last year, when Arleen Williams, Jerry Bruce and I bowled in El

Paso, we needed two more bowlers and were lucky enough to hook up with

two sisters from Waukegan, IL., with whom we have now formed a bowling


Our previous experiences helped prepare us for the USBC Women's National Championship Tournament in New York.

We traveled by air. Our other team members drove from Angels Camp and Waukegan.

Our team event on Saturday had us bowling against a team from

north- central Texas who were a lot of fun. We hope to bowl with them

next year in Reno. Some of us bowled well in team and most of us left

somewhat down because of our scores.

I was happy with mine as it was one of my better games/ series 200-212-123. Jet lag is to blame for the last game.

As a team in the Sapphire Division (team averages of 749 and less),

our team held its own with a handicap score of 2,181, pretty much out

of the money, but not by far.

We had to be back at 7 a.m. to bowl doubles/singles and, needless

to say, we were there in spirit if not physically. I was lucky enough

to find a doubles replacement the afternoon before.

Most of us bowled better during our six games on Sunday than we did

on Saturday, or least had one game we would be willing to talk about

back home. Some of us made money or broke even during brackets.

All in all, it was at trip to remember for some time to come.

For this week's local report, Steve Feola (Jokers Wild) bowled a

702, the only 700 in the last two weeks. Jeff Hurley (Diamond Duos) had

the high game with a 256. Sharon McThorn (Summer Morning Rollers) had

both the high game and series for the women with a 200/541.

Other bowling notable scores include Jeff Hurley (Diamond Duos)

660; Jim Simmons (High Rollers) 666 and Dan Isam 664; in Jokers Wild,

it was Casey Kern 253, Dan Isam 669 and Ralph Caspary 655 and in

Helakno Full House it was Les Olson with 677 and Patrick Pillsbury with


This report finds Jeff Hurley (Diamond Duos) in the "I can't

believe that I beat myself," honors list with 89/159 over; Duke Alsup

(Young at Heart) 70 pins over with a 222 and Craig Chiarpotti (Helakno

Full House) 154 pins over with a 637.

Over in the Uncertified league arena, in the Black Oak 9-Pin

No-Tap, Kyle Lang rolled a 278 and Dave Hunter had a 762 for the men,

and for the women Terry Hall rolled a 266/ 710.

Jean Curto was on top of the Sonora Regional Medical Center league with a 184 while Jackie Ferreira had a 434 series.

Bowling Scores report

for week of 6-27

Black Oak 9-pin No-Tap (6-13) Uncertified league

Games-Women: Terry Hall 266, Norma Espino 242, Jerry Bruce 239; Men: Kyle Lang 278, Gerry Davis 266, Felix Espino 264

Series-Women: Hall 710, Kay Hunter 658, Espino 639; Men: Dave Hunter 762, Espino 739, Davis 726

Team Game: Team No. 13 770, The Three Amigos 733, The Funny Farm 677

Team Series: The Three Amigos 2057, On The Mountain 1994, 3 Easy's 1980

Standings: Tappers 17-3, On The Mountain 15-5, The Three Amigos 14-6

Sonora Regional Medical Center (6-13) Uncertified League

Games: Jean Curto 184, Lorajoy Bell 158, Kathy Gustafason 146

Series: Jackie Ferreira 434, Bonnie Warzee 415, Sharon Miguel 366

Team Game: Pink Ladies 542, Pinquins 510, Dangeous Dames 507

Team Series: Dangerous Dames 1491, Pink Ladies 1457, Sweet Rolls 1374

Standings: Dangerous Dames 14-2, Sister Strikers and Gutter Gals 10-6, Bowling Buddies 9-7

Diamond Duos (6-14)

Games-Women: Marilyn Day 198, Joan Kasso 142, Paige Hurley 141; Men: Jeff Hurley 256, Joe Rodriguez 231, Chuck Farris 221

Series-Women: Day 515, Kasso 377, Hurley 366; Men: Hurley 660, Rodriguez 608, Don Kasso 568

Team Game: The S&J 387, Paige Tyson Training 373, J&C Express 372

Team Series: The S&J 1076, Paige Tyson Training 1047, J&C Express 985

Standings: One Game Wonders and J&C Express 15-9, It's a Good Day 14-10

High Rollers (6-14)

Games-Women: Elaine Simmons 186, Barbara Newman, Nan Anderson and

Patti Graf 180; Men: Dan Isam 243, Jim Simmons 239, Carroll Manning 236

Series-Women: Simmons 534, Newman 497, Marcia Crass 495; Men: Simmons 666, Isam 664, Les Starks 620

Team Game: Team No. 13 839, Mine's in the Gutter 783, Sierra Glass 781

Team Series: Sierra Glass 2326, Team No. 13 2313, Quick Silver 2253

Standings: The 4 Beaches 16.5-7.5, 4 Pins 8 Balls & Mixed Bag 15-9, Sierra Memorials 14.5-9.5

Summer Morning Rollers (6-15)

Games-Women: Sharon McThorn 200, LaDonna Newton 182, Mary White 171; Men: Pat Otto 193, Joe Rodriguez 191, Bill Philbin 176

Series-Women: McThorn 541, Newton 495, Jeannie Philbin 470; Men: Rodriguez 534, Otto 507, Philbin 488

Team Game: The Handicaps 525, Hardscapes 522, MLT's 516

Team Series: MLT's 1483, Hardscapes 101 1451, The Handicaps 1343

Standings: Hardscapes 101 20-8, M.L.T.'s 17-11, The Vikings, The Handicaps and Kolpack Construction 16-12

Young at Heart (6-15)

Games-Women: Margaret Taddei 195, Wilma Starrett 183, Marcia Crass 182; Men: Bob Wright 236, Louie Taddei 225, Duke Alsup 222

Series-Women: Margaret Taddei 530, Barbara Newman 510, Kay Hunter 502; Men: Bob Gomes 598, Felix Espino 591, Taif Wynne 584

Team Game: 4 Fun 760, Team No. 16 729, Motley Crew 716

Team Series: 4 Fun 2098, Team No. 16 2056, Custom Homes 2022

Standings: No Excuses 18-6, Motley Crew 17-7, Pin Heads and Lucky Strikers 16-8

Jokers Wild Summer (6-15)

Games-Women: Diane Woodworth 177, Debbie Enos 171, Kathy Foote 147; Men: Casey Kern 253, Robert Porovich 247, Steve Feola 246

Series-Women: Enos 453, Woodworth 393, Foote 392; Men: Feola 702, Dan Isam 669, Ralph Caspary 655

Team Game: Da Sandbaggers 841, Beer Framed 797, Anderson Plumbing 756

Team Series: Da Sandbaggers 2509, Beer Framed 2263, Anderson Plumbing 2209

Standings: Alley Cats 18-6, Anderson Plumbing and Edsel Rollers 16-8 and three teams at 13-11

Helakno Full House (6-23)

Games-Women: Holly Matranga 179, Candace Robinson 166, Nancie Price

163; Men: Mike Silva 247, Patrick Pillsbury 245, Les Olson 239

Series-Women: Matranga 462, Robinson 427, Price 423; Men: Olson 677, Pillsbury 656, Craig Chiarpotti 637

Team Game: Team No. 7 806, Psychedelic Seniors 775, Team No. 12 752

Team Series: Team No. 7 2301, Team No. 12 2184, Spare Us 2145

Standings: Spare Us 8-0, Team No. 7, Team No. 12 and Grapes of Wrath 6-2, TuoGrov and 7-10 Blues 5-3