"Ceres is one strong wrestling team," said Summerville High School seven-year head coach Dave Gracia. "And I knew they'd be tough. There's no reason we need to feel bad about losing to them. They're strong."

The Bulldogs beat the Bears 41-31 Tuesday night in Tuolumne.

"As a team, we came out flat," said Summerville senior Carson Gracia. "We weren't ready to go. And that showed up on the scoreboard."

The match started with a Ceres win on forfeit at the 103-pound class.

Then highly-touted Bulldog Wes Schweiger won by pin at 112.

With Summerville trailing 12-0, Bear freshman Chris Martin took to the mat at the 119-pound class.

"Chris stepped it up for us tonight," said Gracia.

Martin was leading Brandon Christenson, 5-3, with 53 seconds left in their clash.

"Get behind him, Chris!" yelled Gracia. "Get behind him!"

And 12 seconds later, Martin did as instructed, pulled off a 2-point takedown and sealed the win.

"Chris and his opponent were both standing up," explained Gracia.

"We practice - two or three times a week - a 'Tip drill.' So when the

guy gets to his feet, there's a number of different ways to bring him

back to the mat. One of the ways is called a 'Tip drill' - which Chris

was trying to do.

"But he was off to the side and you can't do that move when you're

off to the side. So that's why I was yelling for Chris to get behind


Following Martin's win, 2009 First-Team All-Area Summerville

sophomore Brady Day (125) won by forfeit, and the Bears trailed 12-9.

Then Ceres tallied four straight pins to take a 36-9 lead.

Carson Gracia (152) stopped that streak by defeating Christian Rodriguez, 11-0.

Then Bulldog Tony Spinella (160) won the next match by technical fall (15-0) - and clinched the dual-meet win.

The Bears finished the meet with an impassioned show of brawn.

Summerville seniors Cody Stoy (189), Austin Domser (215) and Devin

Hard (HWT) each dusted off a Bulldog with first-round pins.

"Cody, Devin and I all train together," said Domser. "We're the

biggest guys in our practice room and we're pushing each other hard and

the kind of results we got tonight - three quick pins - is a testament

to that effort we're each putting in."

"Devin is a first-year wrestler for us," said Coach Gracia. "The

kids talked him into coming out. He's a true heavyweight, which is

something we haven't had here for awhile. He did real well tonight and

the good thing is he's still learning.

"Tonight was Cody Stoy's first dual-meet match this season, and you

can see how well he's stepped things up this year. We worked on

tweaking just a few things with him and he's picked up on those things

so fast."

As for Domser's pin which took all of a minute to obtain, Gracia

said, "Austin is one of our big studs. This was the very first match he

wrestled this year. As a coach, it's good to have a big guy on your

team who is so quick."

"I think the goal for this team is to start working as a team,"

said Domser. "Individually, we wrestle very well. But we have to beat

the other team. It's simple: Our points have to add up to more than

their points. And that will happen as we work more as a cohesive unit.

We're not there yet, but we're getting there. Pretty soon, Summerville

will be one tough all-around team."