Those who make resolutions, New Year's or otherwise, seldom stick to them. Tim Wyman of Sonora is an exception.

Back in October of 2001, after a particularly disappointing race performance in Turlock, Wyman a fixture on the foothill running scene for many years rededicated himself to his No. 1 recreational and competitive sport.

"My running had been down for a couple years," he said. "I decided to get back into it."

The goal he set for himself was to run 3,000 miles in 2002, and he hit his target during an early December jaunt along the old Confidence railroad grade with longtime running buddy Randy Maple. How does Wyman know he made 3,000?

"Part of the resolution was to keep a log, and I've done that," he said.

With his goal achieved, Wyman has upped the ante a bit.

"Now I want to hit the 5,000-kilometer mark, which is about 3,100 miles," he said.

That shouldn't be hard, considering that Wyman has run nine to 12 miles per day nearly without fail since putting his resolve to the test.

"I ran the first 125 days of the year. My first day off was May 15. Since then, I've taken one day off about every two weeks."

Virtually all of Wyman's running has been done on trails. His 43-year-old feet have barely touched pavement, which is a big reason he has been able to stay free of injury.

"I like the outdoors, and I like running trails and I vary my routes incredibly."

Some of his favorite trails are around Confidence, in the Red Hills near Chinese Camp, in Knights Ferry, at Glory Hole on the shores of New Melones Reservoir, and at Caswell State Park near Ripon.

He balances his running with the tour-bus and bed-and-breakfast businesses he and his wife, Julia, run out of their home off Highway 49.

"Wherever I am, I try to find the best place to run there," Wyman said. "I fit it into my schedule. It's more a matter of making it work than (of any particular) plan."