A GROUP of area anglers, some known as the Twain Harte Connection" moved in on Monterey Bay last week in search of the "Chicken of the Sea" otherwise known as albacore tuna.

Cas Munoz, Bob Galgiani, John Minor, Leo Koskela, Mel Kutsch and Bob Leslie booked a charter boat out of Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor known as the Becky Ann, captained by Jim Rubin.

A large school of albacore was located about 25 miles out from the harbor, and the anglers got set up with nine rods using large hootchies and jigs. They drew numbers to see who would grab the first rod with a hookup and then rotated so that all got in on the action.

Live bait was not available on the trip, but the crew boated 13 fish running from 15 to 25 pounds, enough to feast many times.

As Munoz put it, "These are real fighting fish, moving through the water like small torpedoes."

All had praise for Capt. Rubin and his 34-foot boat. For anyone wishing to contact Rubin about a future trip, the web site is

EARLIER LAST week, Dick Anderson of Twain Harte had a change of scenery, traveling to Lake Almanor to fish with his son, Brian, of Marysville. They fished the Hamilton Branch, where it enters into the lake and the fish stack up in the area to get near the cooler water of the inlet.

The Andersons hooked and released some two- to three-pound rainbow trout while fly fishing from shore. They also fished Manzanita Lake, a trophy trout water nearby where artificial lures with barbless hooks are the rule, along with catch-and-release, and they hooked a few up to three pounds.

After coming back home, Anderson had a day he'd rather forget. At New Melones Reservoir, going for kokanee, he missed seven strikes in a row, broke the tip off a fishing rod, had a backlash on one reel, knocked over a beer (non-alcoholic) while reaching for a rod, and spilled the beer on a sandwich, making it inedible.

A fisherman's nightmare. But will he go back again? Of course!