LAST SATURDAY'S .22 Silhouette Fun Shoot at the Mother Lode Gun Club went off without a hitch after sweating out the possibility of foul weather.

Competitors shot a course involving small metal silhouette targets at ranges from 10 to 40 yards, totaling 40 shots for the course.

Top-three finishers in the Unclassified class (10-year-olds) was Curtis Sorini, Andrew Sloan and Taylor Luckie, respectively.

Top-three finishers in the Marksman class (12-to-14 years of age) were Jordan Anderson (23 hits), Andrew Katosic (22 hits) and Ethan Wilson (20 hits), respectively.

David Temple was the top junior with 28 hits.

In the women's Sharpshooter class, Lupe Cooper finished first with 30 hits, followed by Janie Little (17 hits) and Kay Keith (14 hits).

In the men's Master class, David Katosic took first with 35 hits, followed by Bob Bergstrom (34 hits) and Steve Nelson (30 hits).

Pete Shumway was the overall match winner.

In the Senior class, 92-year-old Steve Larson was the high shooter with 35 hits. First in that class was Carl Porter of Oakdale with 34 hits, followed by Jake Jacobson (30 hits) and Franz Benna (24 hits).

Those with national shooting experience, and thus not eligible for awards, were Ty Cooper (38 hits), Ed Taylor (38 hits), Robert Taylor II (37 hits) and Samantha Cooper (35 hits).

Special thanks from the Mother Lode Gun Club go to the High Power Shooters, who put on the Fun Match, and to the following for their help: Bob and Connie Taylor, Linn Bahten, Ed Taylor, Samantha Cooper, Craig Hoffman, Ken Farmer, Brian Schmidt, Cliff Anderson, John Luckie, Ty Cooper, Dale Temple, Steve Finigian and Robert Taylor II. Special thanks to Bill Kavanaugh for donating some of the food for the barbecue, as well as helping.

A SPECIAL notice for anyone interested in trap shooting at the Mother Lode Gun Club. The shooting time has switched from Saturdays to Wednesdays at 6 p.m., and the range is open to the public. For more information, call Phil Stanger at 586-0295 or Mother Lode Gun Club at 984-4160.