Summerville High School product Robert Holm settled for a second-place finish in the BLNO, the men's professional basketball league in Norway.

He was the league's Coach of the Year this season with the Harstad Vikings, who came in behind the Asker Aliens in both the regular season and the playoffs. The Vikings lost the best-of-five title championship series in three games, 87-86, 95-73 and 102-94.

Holm graduated from Summerville in 1962, starring on the Bears' championship basketball team that season. He coached and taught at coached at Jamestown School from 1968-70, then spent most of the next three decades teaching and coaching in the Grossmont high school and community college districts in the San Diego area.

He took a sabbatical in 1981, went to Norway with his family and was offered a coaching job in the capital city of Oslo with the Ammerud, which won the national championship that year.

Holm returned to his duties in the Grossmont system after that, but returned to Norway two years later and was offered the coaching job for the men's national team. He helped place two players from that team with American colleges, 7-foot Georg Posti with UNLV (where Holm played in the 1960s) and 6-9 Torgeir Bryn with North Texas State.

Bryn later made the Los Angeles Clippers, becoming the only Norwegian to play in the NBA. He now plays for Holm in Harstad.

Holm continued coaching in the Grossmont district during the school year and traveling to Norway in the summers. He eventually began a series of summer basketball camps throughout the Scandinavian country, and retired there last year with his wife, Cindy (they've now been married 33 years). He was offered a full-time position in the BLNO at that time.