AFTER TWO YEARS went by without a 300 game, there have been two in consecutive weeks at Sonora Family bowl.

William Mongolo achieved perfection with 12 straight strikes last Wednesday in the Morning Rollers winter league, only six days after Larry Rush bowled a 300 in Mixed Angels. Mongolo used his perfecto to build a 779 series, the highest of the week in any league.

Leaguemate Bill Kelly wasn't far behind Mongolo with a 753, which he built upon a 258 game.

Gary Young, Mongolo's teammate for Snowshoe Brewing, had a 659.

Morning Rollers also produced the second-highest high women's scores of the week, 232-619 by Joy Avila. The highs were 233 and 622 by Sharon McThorn in Early Birds;

Other top score were a 246-682 by Bob Rock in Guys and Dolls; a 255-674 by Dan Isam in Tuesday Nevada; a 263 by Pete DeBrunce, a 662 by Calvin Lattin, a 251-652 by Rush, and a 219 by Joan Kasso in Monday Nevada; a 232-651 by Kelly in Birds; a 255 by DeBrunce in City Twilight; and league highs of 232 and 601 by youth bowler Bobby Papapetrou in Family Fun;

Average busters: Les Olson by 87 with a 603 series in Tuesday Nevada; Lattin by 92 and Kasso by 89 with their Monday Nevada series; Kevin Jones by 84 with a 248 game in Dolls.

SENIOR NO-TAP tournament champions in the monthly event were Marcie Wells for women, and Don Lucas and Carroll Manning for men.

Wells had a scratch game of 241 and a handicap series of 773, while Lucas had a 283 game and Manning an 844 series.

Terry Hall was second in women's game at 189 and Arleen Williams third at 167, while Hall was second in women's series at 678 and Sylvia Divita was third at 654.

Neil Williams was second in men's game a 273 and third in series a 823, with Lucas second in series at 841 and Bill Hall third in game at 262.