VETERAN ROLLER Larry Rush achieved perfection by bowling a 300 game last Thursday in the Mixed Angels winter league at Sonora Family Bowl.

Rush pounded out 12 straight strikes for the first 300 of the season. John Crass came close in late January, leaving a four-pin on his last ball and settling for a 299 in Morning Rollers. Rush had a similar experience last year, when he had a 299 of his own.

The 300, obviously, was a season high in the Angels league, topping the 277 of Daniel Barr. Rush used the big game to post a fine 752 series, the highest of the week in all leagues.

OTHER TOP SCORES were a 279-739 by Bill Kelly, who established season highs in both categories in City Twilight. The same night, Kelly fired a 258, Jerry Brehn a 258-680, and Philip Sugerman a 657.

Other highlights were a 278-676 by George Silva in Morning Rollers; a 247-672 by Andy Cusack and a 255 by Pat Griswold in Gamblers Getaway; a 256-655 by Barr and a 244-655 by Crass in Angels; a 254 by Bob Rock and a 246-673 by Roger Brown in Guys and Dolls; a 235-667 by Marty Pierce in Monday Nevada; a 254 by Dan Isam in Tuesday Nevada; a men's season-high 253 by David Hunter in Senior Merrymakers; and a 242-658 by Larry Allen in Tuesday Nevada.

For women, Laura Persson led the way with a 254-608 in Early Birds. Her game was a women's season high for the league. Also, Nancy Rush rolled a 236-583 in Monday Nevada, Carol Nunes a 220 in Tuesday Nevada, Barbara Moore a 219 in Birds, Tina Kraus a 215 in Gamblers

In Tuesday Nevada, Roger Platt bowled three straight 193 games to earn a Triplicate Patch from the American Bowling Congress.

Average busters: Kelly by 78 with his 279 game and by 136 with his 739 series; Nancy Rush by 80 with her 236 and by 115 with her 583; Pierce by 109 with his 667; and Arleen Williams by 108 with a 567 in Tuesday Nevada.