Union Democrat staff

A must-see

play in Murphys

To the Editor:

We here in Sonora are blessed by a vibrant, rich theatre scene: Stage 3, The Fallon House, SRT, and more. I would urge my fellow theatre lovers to include the Murphys Creek Theatre Company in your itineraries. Currently in production, the company's "I Hate Hamlet" is hilarious and brilliantly performed by a uniformly outstanding ensemble of actors. And it brings back to the stage Maryann Curmi and Don Billotti, who brought Stage 3 up to a force in regional theatre. You gotta see them in this amazing show! And the rest of the company as well. Since Artistic Director Graham Green took over the Black Bart Playhouse five years ago, they've done some truly great stuff. So…drive across that river, have dinner at one of the fine restaurants in Murphys and catch "I Hate Hamlet."

Michael Crich


Cat problem out of control, help needed

To the Editor:

I live on a court in Willow Springs. I have called and called people to help me with cats, left by a person on Caylor Drive. There are at least 12 adult cats, three batches of kittens 5,3,4. I buy dry cat food plus canned. 20 pounds of dry food a week.

I am a 60-year-old widow and work 40 hours a week. No one will help me. Someone is always "going to" then no show, no help! They are overrunning our court because some loser didn't take responsibility for his animals. It's not mine! What do I need to do to get some help? I don't want these cats! But I am not letting them starve to death either. Help!

Debra L. Grahek


Disturbed by TUD budget shortfall

To the Editor:

I am disturbed by the recent stories concerning the TUD shortfall of funds. Really, what did they think would happen? Have they tried cutting the fat from their budget? I mean it's the third year of drought, it's not like it's a surprise.

And their idea of selling excess water from Pinecrest to PG&E. According to past articles, that's already PG&E's water. Why would they buy it back? And how can there be 'excess,' we are in a drought! We had to get permission to use that water before Labor Day. It doesn't make sense.

But what really is offensive is the idea of a drought surcharge on residential customers. Why should we alone make up for their poor planning. Why can't it be on all customers? Why should the smallest water users be the only ones picked to make up a shortfall that should be planned for years in advance? It's California after all, we do have drought.

Beverley L. Davis

Twain Harte

Water situation gets more ridiculous

To the Editor:

My lawn along with hundreds of others is now completely dead because of the TUD moratorium and alleged water crisis. Now TUD is saying they have so much excess water they can sell 2,000 acre-feet to PG&E. This gets more and more ridiculous.

Dr. Ralph Retherford, a former TUD board member, was right when he wrote his op-ed article weeks ago saying that there was no water crisis. TUD is proposing a surcharge to make up for lost revenue. Does that mean that we can charge TUD a surcharge for the cost of ripping out and replanting our lawns?

Dave Bohnen