Union Democrat staff


Jon Cavaiani

To the Editor:

Medal of Honor recipient, Sgt. Maj. Jon Cavaiani passed away recently at the age of 70. This community has had a wonderful hero living in Columbia in recent years. He was an amazing mentor to so many young people with aspirations of military careers.

A prisoner of war, he dealt with pain, both mentally and physically, standing in any crowd, proud to be an American.

Our family was blessed to have him with us on many 4th of July celebrations. There is so much more to say about Jon. He will be in our hearts and we are all better people, because we were touched by a great man!

Paulina Sanfilippo


Will I get access to Twain Harte Lake?

To the Editor:

I recently heard the county CEO talking about the crack in the rock at Twain Harte Lake and I am simply dumbfounded. It sounds like our CEO thinks it is acceptable to spend our taxes on a privately owned problem. He said, "Trying to get financial aid for this is going to be interesting, once we know what the problem is, because it is a private lake," Is "going to be"? Sounds like Mr. Pedro has already decided to step in. He continued,"Usually the kinds of programs we tie into are more geared towards public owned facilities. We're going to have to make a case about the value of it (Twain Harte Lake) from the standpoint of emergency water supply, and the very real sewer threat that we have there."

That sounds to me like a justification for the county to take jurisdiction. First, that lake is tiny and hardly qualifies as an emergency water supply. If there is a sewer issue, identify it and require the private owners to fix it, just like as if my septic system failed. I don't live in that neighborhood and am justifiably not allowed access to that private lake yet I'm expected to pay to fix it? If my taxes are used for this situation, will that make this a public lake I can take my family to?

Bottom line. Start spending our tax dollars on essential services, not private interest, unless I also get a key to the gate.

William Healy