Union Democrat staff

Is 'danger'

in harm's way?

To the Editor:

When is the last time you saw the word "danger" written, or heard the word "danger" spoken?

In the media and everyday conversations, the word has been replaced by the multi-word phrase "In harm's way."

Moms can no longer yell out the back door to their kids, "Billy, come down from that tree … it's dangerous."

I guess the phrase will have to become one word soon so that Moms can say, "Billy come down from that tree, it's HARMSWAYEROUS."


James Mori


Big thanks to Search and Rescue

To the Editor

On July 7, I called 911 from the Stanislaus National Forest to report two missing persons and ask for help finding them.

The missing couple and I had been day hiking in the Emigrant Wilderness from Gianelli Cabin trailhead to Powell Lake - a hike I have taken numerous times. We got separated before we reached Powell, and they did not meet me as planned. I waited and searched for them for 3 to 4 hours.

At 4 p.m., I walked back toward the trailhead until I could get cell service. Dispatch connected with Tuolumne County Deputy Sheriff's Deputy Tom Atkins, who activated a search with Tuolumne County Search and Rescue.

Searchers Autumn and Clyde met me at Burst Rock about 8 p.m. The missing couple are close friends - family really –- and I was understandably distraught. Both Autumn and Clyde treated me with respect and empathy. Within a couple minutes they had my complete confidence.

They were prepared to be, and were in fact, out all night. I returned to the trailhead at their request where a mobile command post had been set up. Tom Atkins was there and updated me on the search. Paul was in the command center keeping in touch with Autumn and Clyde as they started the search.

Over the next few hours and into the next morning more personnel arrived, including search dogs and handlers and a turnout of Search and Rescue personnel and equipment from Calaveras and Mono counties.

My friends were found uninjured by Autumn and Clyde around 6:30 a.m. I could not be more proud of the response that these many Search and Rescue volunteers provided me and my friends under Deputy Atkins' direction.

Tuolumne County is indeed a special place to live.

Jason Reed

Cold Springs