Union Democrat staff

Garden Tour

was pure magic

To the Editor:

Even the heat of a summer afternoon could not wilt the flowers on the Master Gardeners' Garden Tour 2014. It was pure magic.

The homes selected represented a lifestyle committed to aesthetic beauty that actually went beyond a Garden Tour. They were sanctuaries of creative vision. The Jones's home and the Wilson and Zook compound were totally different in theme, and that provided contrasting approaches to unique possibilities in garden design. The amount of energy required to create such retreats was only possible as a labor (lets say lots of labor) of love. The gardens' verdant majesty were a sight to behold and savor. It was a visual journey made possible by the generosity and hard work of the homeowners in concert with the Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County.

The members of the Master Gardeners have compiled a book, "Sharing The Knowledge," that was my gardening reference when first moving to Twain Harte. It was the best do and don't garden book I have ever read. The members study countless hours and present educational demonstrations on organic and native gardening practices. Sunday, they sat in 100 degree temperatures while cheerfully directing traffic on dusty roads, giving countless directions, guarding the sanctuaries, presenting informative lectures and serving refreshments. The organizational detail was as stunning as the gardens. The cause supported Columbia College by providing scholarships for students. The Master Gardeners are to be commended for providing a great community service in gardening practices while, also, supporting the educational future of many deserving Columbia College students.

I look forward to another memorable Sunday afternoon on future Master Gardeners' Tours. They did a masterful job!

Jo Anna Savage

Twain Harte

Curtis Creek track meet lives on

To the Editor:

I'm Brennen Dibble, and I am a student at Curtis Creek Elementary School. I am telling you about the Curtis Creek track meet that took place in April. The reason this meet was so special was because, thanks to Paul McIlroy and Bill Vonich, our track meet continued after the original county meet was canceled. The track meet was cancelled because both of our local high schools were having their tracks redone. But Mr. Vonich and Mr. McIlroy wanted to support the kids in Tuolumne County and provide a track meet for them anyway. This shows that these guys not only care about the Curtis Creek students they work with, but also all of the other students in the county.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, I was able to have a county track meet in my seventh grade year and all the other Tuolumne County students had an opportunity to participate in a track meet.

Brennen Dibble


Why isn't everyone conserving water?

To the Editor:

Last Wednesday, June 4, 2014, I had occasion to go to the Valley. I was amazed! I saw no signs warning of drought and asking us to conserve water. The lawns were green and the landscape lush with beautiful well-watered flowers. I didn't see one patch of brown grass in front of businesses or homes. As we left Modesto at 9 o'clock that night, down McHenry Avenue the sprinklers were going full blast in front of the car dealerships - in the street and down the gutters.

I became angry. I thought of my brown lawn, my attempts to conserve water, bucket in the shower, no car washing, no lawn sprinklers, saving water to hand water my potted plants. Wait a minute - didn't Governor Brown declare California in a drought condition, asking everyone to save water? Doesn't that apply to everyone - not just us in the foothills?

Melissa Schultz