Union Democrat staff

Crapper Derby was very entertaining

To the Editor:

Have you heard of Flushing Downs, or the Royal Flush Crapper Derby? Well, we experienced it on Saturday in Twain Harte. It was a goofy idea, that raised money for the community with booths of food, beverages and crafters. It was a race of comical, homemade, functional outhouses in Eproson Park in Twain Harte. The local Rotary Club sponsored the event and had their 99-year-old, incoming president as the driver of their own entry. It was a fun for the entire family.

The winner, sorry to say, wasn't from our local club, will compete later on this year in the World Championship Outhouse Race, in Nevada. A thank you to all the people who gifted this to those present by their many hours of "hard work." Chains Required band was a great ending to the day. If you like something different and you like to laugh, you missed a great opportunity.

So glad our area offers so many different types of entertainment.

JoAnne Reed

Mi-Wuk Village

Thank you

cat rescuer

To the Editor:

Thank you to the kind, brave man who picked up the kitten from the busy street in front of Wes

Wittman's office and took into the clinic.

The cat isn't mine so I felt especially bad when it got loose, you saved a cat and a friendship.

The kitten's new name is Miracle and he's doing well.

Many, many thanks from Eloise Sheldon and Miracle's owner.

Eloise Sheldon


Birthday bash paid for by stranger

To the Editor:

Some nice person has been leaving $100 bills around California…Well some nice person in Twain Harte paid the bill for a birthday party at The Rock for two little ladies 85 and 88. What a wonderful surprise for them and us.

God bless you and thank you,

Party goers and birthday girls.

Diana Braia

Twain Harte

Hoping and praying for the Godless

To the Editor:

I hope and pray (excuse the expression!) that, when the "Godless" or their loved ones are ailing or in need, they will dance, write letters, get out their Ouija boards, and/or holding hands with their neighbors, speak to the dead and thus be healed.

As for me and my house, we will join hands and ask God to heal them, as well as to send water.

As for brainwashing, I'm most thankful and blessed my children and grandchildren are brainwashed by God, rather than by Satan!

Pat Loring