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Movie tax credit

will create jobs

To the Editor:

The Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support AB 1839 (Gatto) as a job creator which provides both an extension and expansion for the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program. As other states continue to provide additional meaningful incentives to attract film and television producers, California should implement policies that would ensure competitiveness in the industry. This targeted capped tax credit will provide the motion picture industry with incentives to remain, invest, and create jobs in California. This legislation is consistent with the goals of our 2014 Solutions for a Strong California.

California has long been known as the center of the entertainment industry. This industry provides thousands of high-paying middle class jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue. Additionally, it supports thousands of businesses that service the industry. In 2009, the entertainment industry totaled $23.2 billion in wages and payroll and produced $62.8 billion in economic output in the state. Recently, however, the number of film and television productions shot in California has been on the decline due to competition from other states who seek to grab a share of this industry - 44 states currently offer some film and tax incentive program.

AB 1839 ensures that California remains a competitive environment for the entertainment industry by extending and expanding the film and television tax credit. Since 2009 this credit has created 51,000 jobs and provided $4.5 billion in direct spending. Additionally, it has stimulated the economy by making payments to vendors who provide goods and services to productions. Failure to extend this incentive would create uncertainty for businesses and harm the prospects of employment and production in the entertainment in California at a time when the state continues its recovery from the recession.

For these reasons, we support AB 1839 as a job creator.

Michael Ayala


Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce CEO

Thoughts on the City Council race

To the Editor:

I have attended two debates (Farm Bureau and Chamber) and listened carefully to all four candidates running for Sonora City Council.

Here's my opinion, for what it's worth.

George Segarini is the candidate with the most experience in local government having been involved with several committees, task forces, planning commission, and the chamber throughout the years. He is also the only candidate that runs a locally owned business so he understands budgets and that 'local' profits stay in the community.

Jim Garaventa also seems to be a candidate with vast experience, also very involved in the community, committees and has volunteered much time.

Mark Ferreira, a firefighter, appears to be a very nice young man, loves the city, but was obviously stumped on some questions; the learning curve would be huge for him.

Matt Hawkins seemed arrogant, taking credit for just about everything the City Council has done, when in reality, there are five members on the council and it takes three votes to pass anything. One look at his brochure and you'd think it was a one man show.

I can certainly understand why retiring Mayor Hank Russell is not endorsing him, but George Segarini instead.

Paula Authier


Vote Deutsch for Assessor-Recorder

To the Editor:

We have been following the Assessor-Recorder campaign and find that one point stands out in the candidates' statements. All three of the candidates state that they have experience, and that no doubt is true. But experience at what?

Two of the three candidates imply that their experience as appraisers give them the edge to do the job of Assessor-Recorder. We feel that this is misleading because appraisal is only one function of many that comprise the job. Cindy Deutsch has supervised and trained county employees, worked on departmental budgeting, and closed 10 assessment rolls early or on time in her 10 years as a manager in the department.

She also has the heart and passion for the work. She enjoys people and loves helping them. Her commitment and earnestness helps establish attitudes of excellence in the work environment.

For real knowledge, experience and commitment, Cindy Deutsch is the clear choice.

Karma Borgquist and Marjorie Borgquist


Vote Paul McNaul for District 2

To the Editor:

Let it be known, Paul McNaul, who is running for office would be a great asset the county's seat and our community

He is honest and hard working individual with a lot of new ideas to bring jobs and growth to our county,

Please elect Paul McNaul to the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors for District 2!

Michael E. Pilson