Union Democrat staff

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Vote Deutsch for Assessor-Recorder

To the Editor:

I am privileged to know Cindy Deutsch as an advocate for property rights and assessments. She has assisted me in numerous transactions at the assessor-recorder's office, always with fairness, grace, and humor. Cindy takes the time to answer my questions for a better understanding of the assessment process including parent-to-child exclusions, homeowner exemptions, and reassessments. She will leave you feeling secure in the fact your questions have been answered and your needs have been met. Cindy has the 15 years of working knowledge and customer service to be the best choice for Assessor-Recorder.

Roberta Trimeloni-Walker


In support of Kaenan Whitman

To the Editor:

Dear voters - it seems we have good inside information on who might make our Assessor-Recorder office run efficiently. Both Ken Caetano and Kevin Townsend have endorsed Kaenan Whitman. That is good enough for me.

Bill Gerber

Ponderosa Hills

Vote Whitman for Assessor-Recorder

To the Editor:

Kaenan Whitman and his opponents have all worked in the Assessor's office under the supervision of Ken Caetano, the current Assessor-Recorder.

Ken and Kevin Townsend, the assistant assessor, have both endorsed Kaenan Whitman for Assessor-Recorder, that's all I need to know.

Next Tuesday I will cast my vote for Kaenan Whitman.

Del Hodges


Retired Treasurer-Tax Collector

Rodger showed warning signs

To the Editor:

Regarding the recent Santa Barbara killings: Of course, my heart is with the families who lost members who were just at the budding stage of life. Damn! And my own daughter and her family may well be so fortunate that she was out of town at the time. All of us need to take a much warranted look at how we go about identifying high school- and college-aged young people (males especially) who manifest excessive, unhealthy feelings of retribution toward themselves or others. So many are coming into adulthood without the tools to balance their emotions. That's a big problem for society and sadly, I doubt we've seen the end of such violence. In recent years we've seen a number of such outbursts and what we've learned (are you paying attention?) is that in so many of these cases there were warning signs!

While privacy is a right we all cherish I propose that observers, parents, education providers and doctors working together be given new pre-emptive latitude to promptly red flag such individuals for revocation of drivers licenses and the right to purchase firearms at least temporarily until the individuals have been restored to good mental health. This is already done to some extent with, for example, seizure patients having their licenses revoked. I consider this a good, albeit partial solution that targets the problem rather than needlessly depriving the rights of all. A big concern you may have is "Well, how do we avoid false diagnosis?" Nobody wants that but we already know the potential for harm. What are you prepared to risk? It's incumbent upon all of us: See it, report it. Now let's discuss where to draw the line and whom should be responsible.

Karl Merrill