Union Democrat staff

The last day to submit letters relating to the June 3 election will be Wednesday, May 28.

Vote Deutsch for Assessor-Recorder

To the Editor:

We find Cindy Deutsch to be the best qualified candidate to serve as our Recorder-Assessor. Her knowledge and background, gained from serving in this office for the past 15 years, is without peer. Cindy's wealth of knowledge and experience is precisely what this job requires to serve the taxpayer in the most effective and cost efficient way.

If you have the opportunity to interact with Cindy, you will come to know she is the genuine article. The respect she shows to the public, as well as colleagues, is contagious. The high expectations she sets for herself is a great asset she will bring to this position.

Vote for the person who has a proven record in working for the public.

Vote Cindy for Assessor-Recorder.

Barbara and John Steely


McClintock tries to mislead voters

To the Editor:

As expected the first two political fliers sent out by Congressman McClintock are textbook examples of political smears and dis-information. The first accused his Republican opponent Art Moore of not ever voting, thus implying he is not fit to run for office. It has been common practice for military officers to remain politically unbiased by not voting.

General Dwight Eisenhower, later President Eisenhower, is an outstanding example of this tradition.(By the way, doesn't the congressman believe in the Republican commandment enunciated by Ronald Reagan not to speak ill of other Republicans?) The other flier would appeal to liberals since it lists issues that independent candidate Jeffrey Gerlach supposedly stands for, but since Gerlach has no party affiliation his candidacy is not viable.

McClintock is hoping liberals will vote for Gerlach and not for Art Moore because in a one-on-one contest between Gerlach and McClintock, Gerlach would have no chance of winning in November in our conservative Congressional district.Thus the real contest is between Tea Party extremist McClintock and moderate Republican Moore.

In his flier our congressman states he wants to replace Obamacare with "patient-centered reforms." What that really means is that he wants to abolish Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. There would be no health insurance. Rather, each patient would be at the mercy of whatever the caregiver wanted to charge. All this from the man who voted to shut down the government last year. He calls himself a conservative but he doesn't believe in conservation. True conservatives believe in a balanced approach to government. Mr. McClintock doesn't.

Daniel Connell


Vote Dambacher for Assessor-Recorder

To the Editor:

What difference does it make? Some of my closest friends have asked: "What difference does it make if we elect an untested and inexperienced person to the office of county Assessor-Recorder?" The answer answer seems obvious, but politics has a way of clouding our logic. So, people have to ask themselves a few questions: What difference does it make that our elected County Auditor, Debi Bautista, is a financial expert with a CPA and years of experience? What difference does it make that appointed Treasurer-Tax Collector, Shelley Piech, has extensive experience and training in the duties of that office? Would the Board of Supervisors have appointed her if she did not have the knowledge and ability to do the job? What difference does it make that our elected District Attorney has a law degree and years of prosecutorial experience? What difference does it make that our elected county Sheriff, Jim Mele, is a proven law enforcement officer, with years of experience before leading the department? What difference does it make? If it does make a difference then we need to elect somebody of similar stature to the office of experience and professional credentials not even closely matched by the other candidates.

Our vote is a sacred right and should be cast responsibly. We have the chance to elect a person of proven ability and experience to the office of Assessor-Recorder who will keep the public trust. Mike Dambacher is that person, so please join me in voting for him. It does make a difference. Thank you.

Ray Leslie