Union Democrat staff

The last day to submit letters relating to the June 3 election will be May 28.

Attendance lacking at drought forums

To the Editor:

We went to the Drought Community Forum meeting at the Soulsbyville School on Monday night. This informative meeting, organized by both the Tuolumne and Twain Harte water districts, CalFire, the Community Resources Agency, County Public Health Officer Todd Stolp, and the Office of Emergency Services under the chairmanship of Councilman Randy Hanvelt was attended by only 24 people! Such a shame that not more residents availed themselves of the wealth of information that was supplied. The organizers have gone out of their way to give us the facts we need to know during this third year of severe drought.

There are many ways we can help to keep the water coming out of our faucets even at the end of this summer if we all work together. Please go and attend the meetings that are scheduled for the rest of this month and be part of the solution to our water shortage. May 21 at Groveland Community Center and May 28 Columbia Elementary cafeteria, both at 6:30 p.m.

Jeannette Zweede


In support of Kaenan Whitman

To the Editor:

What does it take to make a top notch Assessor-Recorder? I have worked in the Assessor's Office for 35 years and as the Assistant Assessor I have the certification and experience to appraise every type of real property the Assessor is required to assess. That doesn't even come close to making me a good candidate for your next Assessor-Recorder.

This isn't about appraisals or time in the spent in the Tuolumne County Assessor's office and it certainly isn't about who owns a parking lot. This job is about leadership and that translates to ethics, customer service, teamwork, and most importantly the ability to work with people on both sides of the counter. Kaenan Whitman is a natural leader with all those qualities.

Kaenan Whitman is a natural leader with all those qualities.

Kaenan is a man that truly understands the importance of being an advocate for the taxpayer at a level that is equal to his commitment to represent the State of California and County of Tuolumne. At the risk of offending the other candidates and their supporters that I consider good friends, I have made the decision to endorse Kaenan Whitman. Picking sides has caused me a lot of heartburn but I can assure you it isn't from the lack of faith I have in Kaenan Whitman becoming a top notch Assessor-Recorder.

Kevin Townsend


Vote Whitman for Assessor-Recorder

To the Editor:

As the current Assessor-Recorder, I think I'm in a unique position since I know all three of the candidates who are running for this office. I've worked with all of them and in my opinion, the choice is clear. What the office needs is someone who will be a good manager, successfully handle a budget, make good personnel decisions, and complete projects. Kaenan Whitman is the person who can do all of these things and more. He has the right background and the right temperament to be a successful Assessor-Recorder. Kaenan is committed to doing the best possible job for the citizens and taxpayers of Tuolumne County. You can count on him to carry on the tradition that the County Assessor-Recorder has always had for being fair, impartial, and fiscally responsible. Kaenan embodies all of these qualities, and that's why I endorse him for the office of Assessor-Recorder. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work in this office for the last 35-plus years and I encourage you to make the right choice and vote for Kaenan Whitman for the next Assessor-Recorder.

Ken Caetano


Is this any way to run a campaign?

To the Editor:

Political mailers often get tossed at our house. But here was one from Art Moore, a large decent picture and the headline "Meet Art Moore – He's Running For Congress." This was surprising, since Moore doesn't have the big money backers that McClintock has. Looking more closely, there was a "Paid for by McClintock" on the other side. So we get told, not once, but five times in case anyone missed the first statement, that Art Moore hasn't voted. An odd choice of campaign mailing and a worse choice of how to attack your challenger.

McClintock must be quite ignorant of history. From the time of the Civil War, the principle of political neutrality for career military has been well established. The Army especially has viewed not voting as the proper and expected conduct for professional officers. Eisenhower did not vote while he was a serving officer and General Marshall, Army Chief of Staff in World War II, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense, never voted. Moore, who was a political science major at West Point, is in pretty good company.

Cayce Jones