Union Democrat staff

Failing to vote

is not an option

To the Editor:

When a person is good or even excellent in his or her craft or profession, it is no guarantee to be a good leader or manager. Past letters to the editor extol the abilities and credentials of certain candidates for the office of County Assessor/Recorder but fail to mention what their abilities are to manage the office in the best interest of Tuolumne County.

A good manager should not manage but lead and support the people under him/her and create in them an attitude that failure is not an option but excellence is. A framed credential or certificate on the wall is only as good as the quality of the results of one's efforts.

When you receive your absentee ballot or you step in the voting booth on June 3, 2014, join us and vote for Cindy Deutsch for Assessor/Recorder. We have met with Cindy Deutsch and have formed our opinion, for her to be the best candidate for the office as Assessor/Recorder.

She has worked in the Assessor/Recorder office for 15 years and has a 10 year experience as an Assessor Process Manager. We believe that she will assume the position as an effective Assessor/Recorder for Tuolumne County on the first day in office. She has an extensive knowledge in tax code, assessment rolls, real and personal property as well as exemptions and the skill to lead.

Failure to sit out the primary election on June 3, 2014 should also not be an option. Exercise your civic duty and vote.

Peter and Penny Jelito


Low standards not worth low prices

To the Editor:

Sure, Walmart can lower your grocery bills. Slavery lowered the price of cotton, and really lowered the cost of labor. Lowest cost of goods and services often means lower labor costs which often means labor cannot afford the goods and services they help provide.

This is the reality of only considering "costs" versus "fair prices" in which labor and capital can flourish equally. Think "Target," a company that has no ghosts in its closet for mistreating their workers and gives 5 percent of profits to local schools.

Besides more rain, the best thing that could happen to Sonora is for a Target store to open and Walmart to close. Full disclosure, I do own Target stock but don't regret not owning Walmart stock which has done well in the past (on the back of labor and making the Walton family the richest on the planet). Don't forget: Your taxes subsidize Walmart workers obtaining medicaid and remember your trip to Walmart makes the Waltons filthy rich.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp