Union Democrat staff

Parking lot issue a complex situation

To the Editor:

I recently read a letter about the parking lot between Mother Lode Bank and Bertelli's. I saw that people were mentioning that a co-owner of the fenced lot is also a candidate for Assessor-Recorder, so he should get this cleaned up. To that I would oppose and state that he is not the sole owner and is not willing to make the other owners postpone addressing the issue for his political benefit, which I believe is admirable.

From a business standpoint, I agree that the owner who purchased the two adjoining lots should have to pay for the convenience of using the lot. If they have to pay taxes, pave the lot, or possibly be liable should someone fall or there be an accident, then they should have some advantage for allowing such use. There is still adequate access for entrance and exit so i disagree with the statement about this being a fire hazard. I do not know the terms of the lease; or what is delaying the agreement, but I think we need to look beyond our own convenience.

Patty Luoto


Join in the 'March Against Monsanto'

To the Editor:

The March Against Monsanto movement is by design a peaceful non-obstructive gathering of concerned people with respect to the deliberate disinformation program that has been forced on us by the Monsanto Corp. and their affiliate companies.

This is a gathering of scientists, friends, neighbors, families and their children. It has proven to bring awareness of this problem to all corners of the world. Unbelievably the United States has fallen behind much of the world in implementation of policy(s) that would protect us from the proven negative health effects caused by Monsanto's chemical and biological products. The influence this company has on government policy thru political campaign funding has left us with no other choice. We have to take our concerns to the streets and spread our knowledge of this grossly fabricated disinformation campaign because those who make billions of dollars from these products don't care. I repeat, they could care less about our health and the health of this planet.

We know Agent Orange, Glyphosate, Round UP, Saccharine, Aspartame, PCB's, rGHB and DDT have all been proven to produce major negative health effects and some of these poisons are still on the market and are deliberately being concealed so we consume them without any knowledge. At this moment laws are being enacted to make the labeling of genetically modified foods and organisms illegal so we can't choose to buy healthy organic products. At this moment genetically engineered plants have been released into the environment and could completely contaminate the entire food supply on this planet. We can no longer be complacent. We have to stand up for our children and our children's children and stop this insanity before it's too late.

Join us from noon to 3 p.m. at Courthouse Square in downtown Sonora.

Albert Desrosiers

Twain Harte