Union Democrat staff

Walmart will lower grocery prices

To the Editor:

RE: Wayne Kirkbride (April 22), responding to my letter.

I least Kirkbride admitted that Walmart truly does successfully lower grocery prices.

As I previously stated, when Walmart comes into a grocery market where they have not previously done business, they lower grocery prices 15 percent. Consequently, by coming out against the expansion, Kirkbride now joins Conly, Casabas and allied groups: Deny seven weeks of free groceries to poor people (annually).

Kirkbride's cited issues are seems narrowly self-interested. Lots of people find that there is no better path to prosperity for them and their families than working for Walmart. For example: 23,000 people applied for the 600 jobs at the two new D.C. stores - they perceived an economic opportunity, and hope and change - in this case: Capitalist-style.

Furthermore, regarding Kirkbride's comments relating to Congress and compromise. There are dozens of House-passed jobs bills that remain stuck in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Not allowing Senators to vote on these bills, up or down with amendments, is shameful. It takes two to compromise or negotiate, but liberal Senators refuse to even consider the dozens of bills passed by the House (progressive/liberal definition of compromise: Be reasonable - do it my way!).

Ray Anderson


We must reduce our water usage

To the Editor:

Yesterday I was out walking the dog when I encountered a neighbor. In the ensuing conversation he said he had been charged an extra $50 for not complying with our water company's mandated water consumption target. Penalties under the program result when consumption is 75 percent or more of last year's same month. No penalty is assessed if you use less than 3,000 gallons. He felt that a gradual reduction period of say three months should have been considered.

I'm afraid our community may have the idea that all we have to do is give it our best try. In the first month of the mandate the community reduced by 23 percent and in the last billing period by 28 percent. At this rate we will be out of water before the summer is over. We are going to see substantial overall consumption increases as the vacation homeowners and renters descend on us in June.

We must take this water crisis seriously and follow all the conservation measures suggested by out water suppliers to reduce our use by 50 percent beginning today!

Packy Maxwell

Twain Harte

Public Service Recognition Week

To the Editor:

Public Service Recognition Week is May 4 through 10.

Across the country government employees serve and protect our nation every day. During Public Service Recognition Week, May 4 to 10, we gratefully acknowledge their service.

On behalf of the members of the local Chapter of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) we want to personally thank all the city, county, state and federal employees who daily perform a multitude of critical services for us.

We may not realize all that our public servants do for us on a daily basis and we should not take for granted the many services they provide. During Public Service Recognition Week, and throughout the year, please accept our "Thank you."

Carolyn Weaver


National Active and Retired Federal Employees Sonora Chapter 1285