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Russia, Iran and China emerging

To the Editor:

Russia, Iran and China have similarities in common which have evolved through national consciousness. Russia is a big country that has always wanted to rule their neighbors. Iran has a long history of foreigners wanting into their business. China has a long history of being satisfied with just China, other cultures seem inferior to them. China's cuisine keeps them happy and holding one piece of "china" tickles them. Iranians are happy knowing Cyrus the Great led ancient Iran. Russian leaders for over 100 years have been jealous of British and German leaders inner strengths while thinking their time is coming.

What the three countries have in common is Patience and Endurance; the people can endure poor leaders and always bounce back after adversity. Their beliefs in their superiority to the West nourishes their sustainability.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Pleased with

5150 accord

To the Editor:

My sister's tragic death finally has a positive outcome: The accord reached by Tuolumne County leaders who ratified policy between agencies involved during 5150 holds on patients brought to the hospital for evaluation.

Thank you to all of you who had a part in reaching this accord. I know other families have had similar experiences as ours, and this accord brings peace and trust that other patients and families will not.

Robin Chadwick

Santa Barbara

Election 2014:

If signs could vote

To the Editor:

If signs could vote, and

Decide the fate of

All the various candidates

Which ones would they choose?

Which ones would win?

Which ones would lose?

Would it be the candidate

With the best reputation

Solid credentials, and qualifications?

But we know that signs don't vote, and

Decide the fate of

All the various candidates

It's the people who Choose

The ones who win, and

The ones who lose.

So, if your decision for whom to vote

Is on the border

Take my advice and vote

Mike Dambacher, Assessor-Recorder

Thank you. I like Mike.

Elaine Fulfer