Union Democrat staff

America is not setting

a good example

To the Editor:

Re: A lesson to be learned

Shame on the Republican Party, their Koch surrogates and the United States. It takes a small country torn by war and strife to give the U.S. a lesson in democracy. Tens of thousands went to their polls to elect new leaders a couple of weeks ago. Braved violence and long lines to make their voice heard. How can a country like this look to the dysfunction of democracy by the Right in the U.S.?

Republican governors and a Republican-backed Tea Party Congress gutting voting rights in every state they hold a majority. Restricting voting hours, requiring voter ID's for thousands of registered voters in their states, etc., etc., etc. How is it that a country like Afghanistan can show the U.S. how voting should be done? Shameful! Final notice: Beware peace-loving people of America, the right wing Republican Tea Party and NRA are alive and well in the 21st century of the United States of American.

Jim Hassay


The U.S. government

may be the enemy

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago in a letter to the editor, a woman complained about negative comments by others regarding the U.S. government. "The government is not our enemy" she claimed.

Maybe not 100 percent of the time, but has she been paying attention to recent events which leads me to believe it's a lot less than 100 percent and rapidly falling? Just in the past year, NSA spying on Americans, the IRS harassing and penalizing Americans who were legally exercising their right to free speech. Armed federal agents raiding a Gibson guitar factory! And now armed federal agents and SWAT teams threatening to shoot Nevada ranchers? Who needs enemies with friends like these.

What a disgrace. But it sure made me proud when 100 or so "cowboys" stood up to the Gestapo, released cattle and forced the benevolent government to retreat. By the way, wonder why I did not hear the president jump in this time. At the least a "if Michelle and I had cows they would be like those in Nevada" would have been something!

Tom Molinari Sr.