Union Democrat staff

Contraception and women's health

To the Editor:

With the Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius case being argued in front of the Supreme Court the left's mythical war on women and Sandra Flukes belief we the people should pay for her contraception are back in the news. I suggest those who are part of an ideology which conceived and promoted the Life of Julia take a look in the mirror if they want to see the true perpetrators of a real war on women. How else can a video which tries to make women believe they are weak and can't make it through life without help be perceived? Oh what hypocrisy hath thou sewn.

Sandra Fluke and her ilk believe contraception is a woman's health issue and I should help pay for her personal choice to engage in sexual relations, well I say fine, here's my check. However, in kind I would like her and others who share her belief to pitch in so they can send me a check for $135,600. That's the amount which should cover my protein powder, vitamins, workout clothes, gym fee's, healthy diet, and other expenses I've paid out of pocket over the years for my personal choice to bust my backside to stay in shape and thereby put no strain on the healthcare system. Absurd? No, just simple common sense. If contraception is a woman's health issue, staying in shape should qualify as a human health issue, right Sandra?

Mark J. Joyia


Grateful for watchdog groups

To the Editor:

I feel fortunate to have two county "watchdog agencies," CSERC (Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center and Citizens for Responsible Growth, in our midst. Without them helping voice our concerns about poor development practices, we'd have every project any developer or big business wanted shoved down our throats.

Bob Ragan


Call for attendance at TUD meeting

To the Editor:

Are you aware of what your local Tuolumne Utilities District passed at their Feb. 25 meeting without sufficient public input or notice? One a 4-1 vote the board made the decision to bill all landlords, rather than the tenant, for the tenant's water.

For obvious reasons - water conservation being the main issue - I and other property owners asked to be on the agenda at TUD's April 8 meeting, which begins at 2 p.m. This will be your chance to be heard or to ask for some adjustments to the most onerous aspects of the new policy.

Please be there!

Bob Leslie


Environmental policies abused

To the Editor:

Labor unions and other groups routinely exploit the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to suppress potential competition and to delay or stop development projects. Example: The Tuolumne Jobs and Small Business Alliance filed a lawsuit to stop an expansion of Walmart citing CEQA issues, now headed to the California Supreme Court.

The true identity of the Alliance does not appear to be public. Another mysterious group called CREED-21 (Citizens for Responsible Equitable Environmental Development) submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the Alliance. In fact, a variety of anonymous groups purporting to represent local citizens doggedly challenge proposed Walmart superstores using the CEQA throughout California. Some are fronts for the United Food and Commercial Workers union and others are rival grocery chains secretly funding opposition to Walmart.

Also abusing the CEQA is the Tuolumne County Citizens for Responsible Growth, e.g. Lowe's, Parrotts Ferry apartments, Blue Mountain Minerals, etc.

And so it goes in our county: Left-leaning groups use tax free donations and the CEQA to relentlessly disrupt development projects or competition.

If anyone ever says to you that we have free market capitalism in this country, point them to the activities of these groups. In a real free market capitalist society, you succeed by making a better product or providing a better service at a lower price. In the actual society we live in you succeed by either putting up legal roadblocks (often abetted by government) or finding cronies in government to pass regulations to hinder your competition. The consumer is the one who ultimately takes it in the shorts. No wonder the United States is headed for the biggest decline since the Roman Empire.

Members of these groups are simply tools. Too dumb to do anything but follow political philosophies from the '60s.

Ray Anderson