Union Democrat staff

McClintock tries to rewrite history

To the Editor:

After reading Congressman Tom McClintock's column in Friday's Union Democrat, one might conclude that he has rewritten history. His remarks on the floor of the House and printed in The Union Democrat amounted to untruths, distortions and Tea Party propaganda.

The Congressman would have us return to October 1929, a time when there was no Social Security, no Medicare, no Clean Air or Water Act, no minimum wage, and no regulation of our free market system. It was this non-regulated system that led to the stock market collapse and the Great Depression that followed.

Thanks to the federal stimulus of presidents Obama and Bush another depression was averted just as president Franklin's New Deal in the 1930s saved capitalism from itself. The free market is not a religion. On the contrary it reflects our natural desire to trade in goods and services, and human nature being what it is the free market can get out of hand.

Thus the need for a degree of regulation. History shows us that this is so. Congressman McClintock needs to study his history. But that is perhaps too much to expect from this Tea Party extremist. He is, after all, one of those congressmen who were responsible for the recent government shutdown, a shutdown I might add, that did enormous damage to the economy of the Mother Lode.

We don't need ideologues like McClintock in government; we do need pragmatists.

Daniel Connell


Why won't county gov't take action?

To the Editor:

Columbia airport has many (50 +) hangar units that are specifically designed to house private aircraft. Our county government is supposed to be in charge of the management as well as the maintenance of these rental properties. In the real world of property management this should mean monitoring the condition of the properties and performing repairs as necessary. The prescribed uses as outlined in the "rental agreement" should also be monitored, but this seems to be a foreign concept to our county management. It appears the only maintenance on county "owned" buildings at Columbia airport is crisis maintenance and this doesn't seem to be in the best interest of the taxpayers of Tuolumne County. Columbia airport and Pine Mountain Lake airpark are an enterprise fund and as such should be operated more like a business than a service. The present so called "business plan" is totally inadequate and should be replaced immediately.

The management of who rents the available hangar units and for what purpose is just as slipshod as the building "non-maintenance" program. At the present time there are many renters in hangars that appear to be in violation of the reserved space permit (RSP) that they signed with the county. One renter in particular has not one but four hangar units that are filled with everything but an airplane. This individual has been renting these hangars for several years and has therefore avoided moving to mini-storage where the monthly rent would be approximately 3 times as much per square foot. Why?

Paul Girard