Letters to the Editor for March 12, 2014

Union Democrat staff

Liberal beliefs

lack reason

To the Editor:

It amazes me how so many of the liberals with a questionable reasoning ability, state everything they think or have been brainwashed into thinking as facts, even though they are totally wrong. If they would read the platform of the Tea Party they would be informed what they really stand for and not the imagined lies. They have never found one smidgen of proof that they are in any way racist as one of your writers stated they want to ship Obama back to Kenya. The Affordable Care Act has been a disaster for the middle class. I know at least a half dozen people who would be considered middle class whose insurance has doubled and deductibles up to $7000 for a young family of 5 that makes $40,000. The welfare group has fared well on the plan, but the real fact is that it has hurt more people than it helped.

The cut in spending on foreign embassies was meant to cut places like London, Paris, Berlin etc. not places where there had been attacks before like Benghazi. We need to cut our spending when we are going to approach a debt of 25 trillion and we will not even be able to pay the interest, even if the interest rates go up 1 percent. The middle class is the one who is taking the beating even though Obama keeps saying he wants to help the middle class. His definition of the middle class is what places like Greece consider the middle class. If you want to know what that is like, take a trip to Greece, Italy or Spain. We can still do that, but how many people do you see from those places traveling here or anywhere more than a hundred miles from home?

James Schlotthauer


The Union Democrat
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