Union Democrat staff

Obama's fears

sleep in Russia

To the Editor:

Two of Obama's worst nightmares sleep in Russia: President Putin and Edward Snowden. Most of the U.S. intelligence community want a deal to return Mr. Snowden to the U.S. to stop the leaks. Obama says no way! Just as Obama was about to travel to China to lecture about China committing espionage against U.S. computer systems

Mr. Snowden told the world that the U.S. is number one in tapping lines around the globe. Putin check mated Obama in Syria and now in Ukraine. Obama's sport is basketball while Putin excels in geopolitical chess. This is a mismatch and Obama should learn that street basketball next to Russia can get rougher than elbows being thrown.

What the hell are we doing playing games next to Russia's border?

Why are we involved in playing games next to Russia's border?

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Tea Party basher

off mark

To the Editor:

Thank you to the letter writer who alleged "facts" about the Tea Party, Obamacare and other matters. Now we can have a discussion.

He says the Affordable Care Act has "given over 2 million people affordable health care." Actually, it has given them insurance, mostly subsidized Medicaid. Perhaps he has forgotten the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have had their medical policies canceled.

As for Benghazi, he produces a stinky red herring, noting congressional (not Republican) cuts to the embassy security budget. In fact, the State Department had the resources to increase security in Libya but declined to do so.

The writer says the Tea Party shut down the government. In fact the House passed a bill fully funding the government - minus the ACA. Senator Harry Reid refused to consider that bill, and the president said, "We won't negotiate."

Then we are told the Tea Party cut unemployment and military retiree benefits. The budget deal was not a Tea Party bill but perhaps the only bipartisan measure this Congress has produced.

Further, we are told, "Tea Party Republicans can't win a legal election unless they destroy voters' rights." If this refers to voter identification measures, we can only agree the GOP opposes voter fraud and the Democrats like it.

Finally, we are told the Tea Party wants to send President Obama "back to Kenya." Actually, the Tea Party and others would just like to see the president's actual birth certificate, not a ginned up computer image with zero evidentiary value.

Lastly, the letter writer compares the Tea Party to the National Socialists - Nazis. Let us point out: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao all were socialists. Tea Partiers are U.S. Constitutionalists.

He declares, "The truth is out there!" Indeed it is.

Michael Ackley


Joys of 'Moonlight Saving Time'

To the Editor:

The following letter is a tongue-in-cheek comment on the supposed Daylight Saving Time:

Isn't Moonlight Saving Time wonderful - and to think, all we had to do was set all of our clocks ahead one hour. You know, Spring Ahead, or is it Winter Ahead. It still is winter, isn't it? There is only about four months of standard time remaining, so why not make fast time year around? My good friend Joe said "I don't care which it is, but leave it the same all of the time." I agree!

Just think, we can enjoy an extra hour of Moonlight every morning, and all we have to do is get up an hour earlier every morning (before Sunrise). Of course, this applies mainly to school kids and working people, but us retired folks can enjoy the extra hour of sleep, and we don't have to set alarm clocks.

I reset all my clocks during the day Saturday – no point in losing an hour of sleep time. Who minds losing an hour of work time, or even an additional hour or so resetting all the clocks? Oops, I forgot about the car clock!

What is all this for anyway - who gains by it? If you want a longer evening, why not just start work earlier in the morning? On the news, someone enumerated all of the ways businesses profit; for example, by selling more charcoal for barbecuing during the long evenings. Sounds like American Capitalism, and it's usual influence on politicians. Is that the main reason for all of this nonsense?

Jerry Fueslein