Union Democrat staff

Clear evidence

of evolution

To the Editor:

It's amazing people won't consider the possibilities of evolution. We still live in a gullible time in life to the point of believing in Santa Claus. We are ever changing! Look at yourself as a baby, as a young person and as an old person. Most become unrecognizable when old. Two hundred years ago, a blink of the eye in time, people in France were around five feet tall. Naturally, there were exceptions. Look at us today. We have basketball players who are nine feet tall. Climate, diet, everything plays a part in who we are. Bible pounders believe every word in the Bible, never given thought to the revisions that were done over time and changes made, due to the times. Words, alone changed in meaning. They believe that a god made us just as we are, intelligent, being able to write around 35 hundred years ago, about the time the bible was first written. The story of Adam, being tempted, eating the fruit in the Garden of Eden, is purely a metaphor. What is meant is that temptation can become a form of evil, if you will. An example: A person is tempted to rob a bank, does and kills three people getting away and is caught and punished.

Clear evidence of what we are shows what we came from. We have a tailbone, wisdom teeth give us problems because we no longer use them to crack nuts. Most people have back problems because we are still evolving from no longer walking on all fours. We have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. Think of why this is. Think of the cleft in most people's chins. It was split, much like a locust in our early part of evolving. Wake up!

Norman Reed


A true act of brotherhood

To the Editor:

As all of Tuolumne County basically sat on their hands and had a "deer in the head lights" look about them concerning the water shortage (call that "drought!"), a caring, progressive and good community member, the Chicken Ranch Band of Me-Wuk Indians, did what no one else seemed able or willing to do - they, on their "own time and their own dime" sought out, negotiated and nailed down a water transfer/contract with the South San Joaquin Irrigation District for 2,400 acre feet of water out of New Melones Reservoir. Not only that, but they are going to sell it at what it costs them to TUD (Tuolumne Utilities District)! This additional water will be a Godsend to the TUD. ratepayers/customers as it will allow the extremely limited "upcountry" water supplies to stay up hill and be used by Twain Harte and Crystal falls and other water consumers.

All I can say is that I am overwhelmed by the Chicken Ranch Me-Wuks efforts and community involvement. As a TUD ratepayer and Tuolumne County resident, I so thank you for what your tribe has done for us/this community and consider you as an incredibly good and valued neighbor!

Ron W. Ringen


Fire museum closure a shame

To the Editor:

To Tim Miller:

Shame on you...for closing the fire museum!

I understand from local news it may not open for some time.


What a slap in the face to fire communities, especially ours.

My family are firemen and police officers. Two have given their lives!

As a fire family we are very proud of our contributions. We like to show off our "rigs" and "tools" that help save property and lives.

Now in Sonora, we can't! As a wife, sister, mother and aunt of fire personnel, I ask you to reopen the museum.

If not go find another job! We don't need you here.

C.J. Healton


Evolution is a scientific reality

To the Editor:

I was astounded by the inaccuracies and intellectual dishonesty in Gene Henry's recent letter ("Evolution or God Creation," March 3).

1. Mr. Henry states that "[E]volution involves 'spontaneous generation.' " The fact is that evolutionary science does not address the origin of life at all; it speaks to what Charles Darwin labeled "descent with modification." Evolution assumes already-existing life.

2. Mr. Henry states that "evolution depends upon mutation" (true). He then goes on to claim that "if there is no beneficial mutation, then new viable life is not produced, i.e., no evolution" (not true: Non-viable life can be and is produced, but such mutations without adaptive or reproductive benefit result in eventual extinction).

3. Mr. Henry quotes Herman J. Muller as stating "Mutations in summary tend to induce sickness, death or deficiencies." What Mr. Henry fails to mention is that Muller referred to radiation-induced mutations, not evolution, as Muller wrote in his published 1955 paper "How Radiation Changes the Genetic Constitution."

The growth of knowledge has over the years steadily dismissed many examples of the biblical authors' ignorance of science, including assertions of divine creation. Other well-known instances of scriptural "scientific" errancy include: (a) rabbits and hares chew their cud [Lev. 11:6], (b) the bat is a bird [Deut. 14:18], (c) the locust, grasshopper, and beetle all have four feet [Lev. 11:22-23], and the old standby (d) the value of pi is 3 [1 Kings 7:23].

A major disparity between science and creationism is that science begins with questions and creationism begins with answers. Indeed, evolution is a bona fide scientific theory as much as the universally accepted theory of gravity is. However, the difference between the two theories is that one threatens the perpetuation of Bronze Age mythology and superstition while the other does not.

Irwin Schwartz