Union Democrat staff

Former teacher supports unification

To the Editor:

As a retired teacher (22 years, Curtis Creek School District), I am an advocate for the unification of our county's schools for the positive effects such joining together would have for our community - our students, parents and teachers.

A positive outcome for children and teachers would be a shared district-wide grade-level curriculum implemented with the same language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science textbook/materials adoptions. Students who move to a new attendance area within the county would not be lost in a "new-to-them" curricular/subject area adoption as they often are now. Curricular goals are common in our state and county; how they are implemented is not. Educational field trips could be easily combined across grade levels at area schools. Textbooks and supplies could be purchased in bulk by a unified district rather than piecemeal thus saving money.

Specialists (art/music/technology/science/etc.) could be shared by all schools without the expense of a single-school district hiring them. District specialists could travel throughout the county providing in-service training to teachers and meeting with students. Magnet schools specializing in arts/music, science or other curricular areas could be promoted.

Teachers in our county would gain the ability to transfer from school to school within the district without losing seniority and placement on the salary schedule.

Residents in support of putting this issue on the ballot are gathering signatures in neighborhoods and at county shopping centers right now. Help put this issue on the ballot for all voters in our county to decide what is best for our children. Please add your support for a clear debate and ultimate vote. The students, parents and Tuolumne County community deserve the best education we can provide.

Please say "Hi" if you see me and other volunteers gathering signatures. We would be pleased to talk with you.

Elaine Emmons


Students should be taught better lessons

To the Editor:

A sincere thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark Heimlich! I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with the "Water wars" at Sonora High School.

Yes students should have fun, but during this severe drought, which I hear we could run out of water in July, maybe yarn pom pom balls would have been more appropriate.

Please Sonora High School teachers, teach the students about the water shortage and how to conserve our water.

Angela Consolé

Twain Harte