Union Democrat staff

Lincoln and Obama don't compare

To the Editor:

I found Jamie Stiehm's attempt at comparing President Lincoln to President Obama to be not only absurd but also insulting to President Lincoln. I doubt Lincoln, who had integrity beyond question, would help a narcissistic, petulant man-child like Obama "win." Lincoln did his best to bring together a divided country, Obama is doing his best to widen the gap of a divided country. Lincoln looked upon we the people as one, Obama looks upon we the people as the rich versus the middle class which in translation means the earners versus the takers. Lincoln was humble, Obama is arrogant without discernible cause.

As a man well versed in the Civil War, I also find it insulting to President Lincoln to state "he won the Civil War." I guarantee Lincoln would not take credit for winning the war, he would give credit to the men and women who made the greatest sacrifice to ensure the survival of this great nation. Obama? He and his minions take the bulk of the credit over the brave men and women who actually risked their lives in the killing of Bin Laden.

Lincoln, Obama? Sorry, faced with the facts there is no comparison.

Mark J. Joyia


Educate youth on water situation

To the Editor:

I have lived in Sonora for the past 30 years and also have been going to Pinecrest since 1933. Somehow I learned about California water at a young age.

Lately, when I have to many clerks and others, especially when they say: "Have a nice day." I respond: "Only if it rains and snows." Many of their responses are: "Oh, I don't like the rain." The same kind of response comes from younger people also.

There seems to be an almost complete lack of knowledge about the water systems and the importance in this state. It happens to be the most complex one in the United States and of course so vital to agriculture and cattle ranchers as well as households.

For years I have thought why there is not an up to date book for all California high school seniors to be assigned to read. There is an old book called "Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water." This book is in paperback revised edition 1993 by Marc Reisner. I'm sure there must be up to date information available but most important is to get it to the California high school seniors soon!

Elizabeth Danon


Boehner ignorant about CA water

To the Editor:

I am sure that the people of Ohio can understand complex problems, even if the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, cannot.

In a shameful display of political grandstanding and willful ignorance, Speaker Boehner came to Kern County to speak against "fish over people."

Since his comprehension of California water issues seems limited to only a few words, I would like offer him these short phrases: "Infinite greed versus limited resources;" "Our inheritance squandered versus our legacy protected;" and "Campaign cash versus common good." These phrases aren't as catchy as the ones he uses, but they tell the truth. Isn't that the most important?

John Watson