Union Democrat staff

'Every drop counts' during drought

To the Editor:

Upon picking up my newspaper Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 19, I couldn't believe my eyes when looking at the front page.

The top article discusses upcoming water conservation measures in light of our current drought situation and right below it was an article and pictures about a water balloon fight at Sonora High. While I commend faculty members who condone fun activities for students to interact with one another, I feel it was totally irresponsible to allow such an activity at this time.

I've heard slogans of "Every Drop Counts," etc. to make the community aware of conserving water and here you have students wasting water during their "Wars wars" event.

Even if Sonora High was using its own well water, the perception of water waste is unacceptable when all other residents are being forced to reduce their water consumption and are facing possible rate increases.

Jan Kittredge


'Water wars' not

a good example

To the Editor:

Disturbing the photograph from the high school students playing with water balloons during the lunch time while the entire state of California is on a water emergency?

A lousy example of education by the high school.

If we need to save our water this was the most amazing uncalled for event.

We need to conserve our water for the coming summer and the rest of the year.

Sandra Lascari


Can't stand

water waste

To the Editor:

There many things that could be done by our local water purveyors.

Many treatment systems backwash their filters to waste, instead of reusing it. This amounts to a lot of water.

Another idea would be to institute a massive water leak detection and repair program.

Reduce their unaccounted for water.

John R. Turner

Twain Harte