Union Democrat staff

Get unification on the ballot

To the Editor:

This is a topic of discussion that needs to have input from both sides to inform the voters of Tuolumne County to make a decision on unification of our schools. If this qualifies for the ballot, then the facts will be presented and you as a voter can make a decision in November.

There are lots of school districts statewide that have one county superintendent of education for the many schools in their district. Those schools have a much larger student population and with a more diverse student demographics. They are doing it, why can't we? Tuolumne County is projecting a continuing decline in student population. Our school administration continues with a status quo stand and not willing to take a pro-active stand to look at some alternatives. Sharing of superintendent services is too little and not enough.

Take a pro-active stand on your part and sign a petition to put this on the ballot in November so that the voters will have something to say in the efficient operation of our schools and yes, hopefully it will put more money into the classroom for teaching our kids. Status quo has never worked in an ever-changing environment.

Ed Anderson


County should have rights to its water

To the Editor:

It seems that every day there is news or opinion pieces on our current California drought. We have our local shortage to think about and our Valley agriculture needs that affect all California residents. I keep reading and I have not found one person asking about the Tuolumne County watershed water stored in the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir all for San Francisco usage? I could say the same for Melones water but I see there is some attempts being made to retrieve some water for us from that federal project.

My question is why there is there no federal action to amend the (corrupt?) Raker Act of 1913 that gave San Francisco all the water rights to the Hetch Hetchy Valley behind O'Shaughnessy Dam. Most of the watershed is in our county and we have no water from it? We are trying to borrow water from San Joaquin Valley districts for personal individual use. S.F. even pays less for their (our) water than we pay for other water up here?

It seems to me that this 100 year old legislation needs to be modified somewhat so that S.F. can do its part to conserve and share. I do not want to take out the dam. I just think they should have to share some more of the water with the originating county or even the Valley farmers. Would this not decrease pressure on the S.F./San Joaquin Delta water issues. The same with the federal water project at Melones Dam. Our county's watershed and we get no water out of it. I seem to remember we were promised some water rights at Melones during it's controversial building and fill. I have written our Congressman on this issue but do not expect a reply.

Ken Mousseau